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Watson Buys are trusted local people. We will take care of everything.

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We buy houses AS-IS

We purchase property for CASH.

Selling your home FAST?  We do that too.

My question now is what do you need from us? Let us know and the team at Watson Buys will work really hard to make it happen. 

Watson Buys Houses LLC BBB Business Review
Watson Buys Houses in Omaha

 We buy houses in:

    • Denver and all of Colorado

    • Indianapolis, Indiana,

    • Avon, CO

    • Omaha Nebraska, but…

What do you want? What do you need? How can we help you?

Do you need to sell your Denver house fast for cash?

  • We buy houses for cash. We specialize in buying Denver houses for cash.

You saying “I need to sell my house fast in Indianapolis as-is?”

  • We buy houses in Indianapolis as-is.

Do you have an tired house in Omaha, NE you want to sell?

  • If your selling or need to sell a property in Omaha we buy any houses and in -fact we buy any houses in Omaha for a fair price. We buy houses in Denver, Omaha, Indianapolis and Avon.

Do you need to sell your home in Avon fast?

  • Watson Buys will close as fast or faster than anyone. We specialize in buying houses fast.

Did you inherit a house in Indiana?

  • Our Team at Watson Buys can buy your inheritance and for a fair price. So just give us a call if you are looking to sell your inheritance.


OUR MISSION at Watson Buys:

Watson Buys is the #1 Trusted and Transparent local business who will buy your house. Will will take care of everything so there is no stress, no delays, and you will receive a fair cash sale paid directly to you. We buy houses as-is and we buy direct from you so there is no commissions and no fees. Not only do we cover fees and commissions but we cover all normal closing costs. Also we have a trusted team dedicated to help you talk to lawyers, banks, and any person to make it as simple and easy as possible.

So to summarize:

Watson Buys is trusted and transparent. Just read our Google reviews. Many of the larger companies have bad reviews.

Watson Buys is local and therefore knows the value of your house. Therefore we can pay a fair price when you sell to us.

The team at Watson Buys will buy your house as-is. Remember we buy homes that are  old, tired and ugly. We buy houses that need repairs, we will buy any property for a fair price based on current market value.

NO Commissions, NO Fees, and when you sell your Denver house to Watson Buys we will pay all normal closing fees.

Watson Buys team is all part of the community. By selling your house to us you know we will take care of it and not sell it to an anonymous off shore country.

Do you have a home to sell in one of the cities below? Watson Buys invites you to click on the image to learn how we can be of assitance. We are ready to serve you.


If you need to sell your house in Denver fast one of the first things you need to do is know how much your house is worth. We will help you find nearby Denver houses that have recently sold. We will show you pictures of the condition. We can compare the size and number of rooms. We buy houses in Denver often, so we can easily show you how to work out what your house is worth. Then you will be ready to sell. Don;t you think knowing what your house is worth is a good idea?

 Click below to answer the question

“What is my house worth?”

We buy houses in Denver to help people start their next chapter.

We buy houses after the Death of a loved one.

We buy houses to stop foreclosure or help foreclosure proceedings stop immediately.

We buy any houses in undesirable areas.

Need to sell your house to relocate for a job transfer? We can help you 100%.

We buy houses from people going through Divorce.

Retiring or downsizing? We want to buy your house too and we will make the process of you selling your Denver house easy.

Inherited Property: Are you thinking to sell an inheritance?

We can help in many ways. If you inherited a house and are out of state give us a call. Even if we don’t buy your inherited house we can help you get pictures, clean it out, point you in the direction of a property manager. We just want to help you. We have been there too. Loosing someone you care about hurts.

Selling your inherited house…

Renting out your inherited house, or you just want advice about what you can do with your inherited house? We have a person that can help you through any of this.

OR Selling any house.

Watson Buys wants to be your solution so if you can’t find the naswer you are looking for just ask!

We buy houses in Denver.

If you need to sell your house fast check out the video to learn how we can help you. Then we have more great info and tips on “How do I sell my house fast


At Watson Buys, we can buy your house faster than anybody else. Therefore is you are asking yourself “How can I sell my house fast? then you are in the right place. We buy houses in Denver and all over Colorado. In fact, we buy houses in lots of places. Denver is not the only city that we buy houses in. We even buy houses in Indianapolis.

Not only Indy but now we can buy your home if it it is in Colorado Springs.

Do you need to sell your house fast?

This awesome video introduces you to 3 genius ideas to Sell Your House Fast AND get a great price. Thes Genius ideas come straight from leading Real Estate agents in and around Denver and Indianapolis.

We buy Denver houses. We buy houses in Indianapolis, Indiana too.

Why sell to us…

Because..we love buying houses that are not good looking because it gives us the chance to make them shine.  Watson Buys takes the old house and makes it new again. We upgrade the home and in doing so the entire neighborhood.

We buy any house that you want to get rid of. We have a location on the east and west side of Denver for your convenience. Need to sell your house fast? We can buy your house today. We want to buy your house, today, for cash. We will buy your home without you having to do any of the costly repairs. That’s right, AS-IS! Contact us today. Dont miss out.

We can buy your house from our location in Golden, CO

We can buy your Indianapolis Inherited house. Our team knows how…

Let us help you take that asset and turn it into future dreams to remember your loved ones by. Watson Buys will deal with the attorneys, lawyers, agents and courts. Watson Buys makes selling your inheritance easy.

We buy any houses from our office in Denver, Colorado too.

We Buy houses in Eagle County, Colorado also.

You know where all the famous ski resorts are up in the Colorado Rockies. Vail, Beaver Creek and the towns like Avon, Eagle-Vail, Eagle and Gypsum. Other Colorado towns in Eagle county are Minturn and Dotsero.

We Buy Houses for cash in Denver and Indianapolis.

Indianapolis is a great city and that’s why we want to buy your Indy Home!

Guess what? Denver is super awesome too.

People regularly call us wanting to sell their house fast and THE first question that they ask us is where “Where does Watson Buys buy houses?” Simply put, we most commonly buy homes in Denver and surrounding areas. We have bought in other parts of Colorado, like Eagle County for example. So, if you have a rental in Lakewood, house in Arvada, home in Westminster, Littleton, or Centennial we can help. Like we previously mentioned we buy any house that you are needing or wanting to get sold.

Another question we get asked regularly is do we buy houses for cash in Denver? The answer is yes. We buy houses for cash in Denver. To really drive these last few thoughts home we buy any property, house, home condo apartment or bare land, regardless of the condition. Regardless of condition means that it doesn’t matter if it is an ugly house because we buy houses as is. Of course if the house is really ugly and it needs lots of cash spent on it to fix it up our cash offer will reflect that.

We have 2 office locations in Denver, one on the east side in the awesome community of Montbello, and the other on the west side in Golden. This should show you how committed we are to Denver and Colorado. We are local and we are 100% committed to giving you our best cash offer every time. So please if you or someone you know wants to sell a property because we are ready to buy right now.


The Team at Watson Buys.

Buying or selling your home? Check out latest numbers and expert analysis now. 
Sell Your House Fast with these 5 Popular Paint Colors for your front door.


Avoid these costly mistakes when selling your house

Why Sell Your House to Watson?

When we buy houses we do not mess around. If you want to sell your house let us know. Here is why…


We close fast

We close when you want to no matter what

No work for you

No repainting, renovations, or repairs. We buy as-is.

We pay you cash

We will transfer, 100% guaranteed funds,  directly to you.

It's free

No commissions and no closing costs. We pay you for both.

At Watson Buys, We buy houses:

We provide you all the information you need on the housing market and more.

We are a community based local company that buys houses. You know the drill – we are cash home buyers, buying properties, as-is.  But first, we chat. No obligations. We want to know what you want? AND What do you need? Once we know what you need we can negotiate a fair cash price.   Next, you pick a closing date.

Closing is the day that we transfer your money directly to you. 100% guaranteed cash funds. When you sell us your house there will be ZERO cost to you. We will pay for everything.




Don’t miss out. Call us now.


Denver, CO – (720) 418 – 8670 Indianapolis, IN  – (317) 720 – 1805


Sell your House Fast in 3 Easy Steps



Let's Chat

Complete a form or give us a call. We want to buy your house.



Get your Offer

We will give you an offer fast, fair, and with no obligation.



Get Paid

Get your cash now. No hassles, no waiting, no commissions.

Selling Made Easy. Fast Close, Fair Deals

from a trusted Cash Home Buyer.

We buy real estate directly from the seller all the time and we can even pay cash. That’s right, direct to your account.  This means you are 100% in control. No agent, no bank, no fussy buyers to answer to. Just say when and we can chat
We can buy your house now because we have the know-how.


We buy Houses to Solve Your Problems


We are an i-buyer, cash or direct buyers which means there is no commission cost!


No need for a real estate agent to list your property, it will only cost you money and time!


We can help you avoid foreclosure and offer you the best options that will suit your needs!


Hassle-free in a sense that you just have to call us and give the address of the property and we can give you the best offer in just a matter of several minutes!


Save money and time! No need to spend money and wait for several months just to sell your home.


Sell your House Fast for Cash. We are here to help.

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