We buy houses.

A local company making house selling simple.

Fast, fair and 100% free for you. That’s how we succeed.

We will buy your house, but first, we will listen.

What is most important to you?

We buy houses, that’s important right? Yip, that’s what we do.

We spoke to your community and this is what they told us were important to them. 

We are a small local company that buys houses. Therefore, all the money stays in our community.

We have been in business since 2011.

If you choose us to buy your home, we give you our best cash price. Cash and best.

If you need to sell your house fast we can close as quick as you want. 

 We work fast, we treat you fairly and when we buy a house, it doesn’t cost you and the seller a dime. Yip, it’s free!

If that’s what you want, us to buy your house, no-frills, then give us a call or fill out the form.

We will get it done for you. 

We are local house buyers. We will treat you fairly. We will give you the best cash price. If you need anything else we will ask and we will listen. 

You want to see our ugly faces? Then you better keep reading…

Meet the team of Watson Buys.

We come from all over the world to form the backbone of our team.  We are here in Colorado and Indiana working for the greater community. Please say hi if you see us at the supermarket. 


Born in the Philippines. Super smart, can’t get anything past her. Outgoing, wanderer, and nature lover.


Grew up in New Zealand. He loves riding his bike, reading, and spending time with his family. His favorite author at the moment is Terry Pratchett.


sornie-best we buy houses company


The Chief Technology and SEO expert. “The “computer” guy. He likes vegetables and fruits a lot but he’s no vegetarian. He loves animals but he’s no vet. He’s Sornie.


Well-spoken, well educated, and a caring mom. In fact, her little one drew this picture of her. Michelle is our mother too, keeping us in line at all times– taking care of us and taking care of you.


As stated, we buy houses. Did I mention where we buy houses?

We focus our efforts on finding properties in Denver, Colorado and Indianapolis, Indiana. 

I also said that when you sell us your house we listen to you first. We want to know what you. We want to know what you need– this makes us a lot different. 

We do all the other stuff, buy now, pay you cash, etc., but we also care about what you need. That’s because we are local, we understand the value of houses and our communities. 

NOW, what about the other companies? Most of them haven’t even set foot in town. You check out their websites. They all look the same because they are all part of the same machine. 

This is what they tell you. Not ask you, but just tell you. 

Anyone advertising that “We Buy Houses” will tell you that their process is the best and they will give you the best deal around.

How do they know what you want? Did they ask?

They figure just throw cash at you and that will fix it all.  It helps, but don’t you deserve more? 


 Promising to make it easy just doesn’t cut it – right? Surely there is something else?

Luckily, they aren’t your only option when selling your house.

Watson Buys informs you of other options too. 

Do you want all of your options?

Not everybody sells their house when facing foreclosure

“Help! Can I stop foreclosure?”

Is selling to a cash buyer my only option?”

“What is Bankruptcy?”

Sometimes selling is the best option- but surely, you want to at least look at other possibilities.

That’s right, you have options. 

You heard it here first. Most “We Buy Houses” companies aren’t going to give you this information.  They are focused on telling people “We buy house for cash” they forget who they are talking too… 

People, real life, walking and talking people.

Since 2010, the staff at Watson Buys Houses has been driven to find the best solutions, for people that need to sell their homes. We are not talking about researching the best taglines like:

“We buy houses for cash. CALL NOW!”


 “We will buy your house in any condition- FOR CASH!”


No, we are talking about real solutions for real people, turning bad situations into WIN-WIN opportunities. 

Watson Buys Houses started as a simple husband and wife team. It evolved over a number of years, and today it is still a husband and wife team. 

“Surely there is more to the we buy houses story?” Yes, sir. Of course, there is and this is where it gets interesting…

“I got everything I wanted and I was able to stay in my home- Thanks Watson Buys Houses”

Janet K - Denver, CO.

“I was 2 weeks out from the bank selling my house – WBH helped me save some of my hard-earned equity”

David B - Indianapolis, IN.

Our Vision

Help people sell a house fast and for a fair price.

Fast, fair and 100% free.

Our Mission

When we buy houses we will give people can access information to help them, even if it means we don’t bet the deal. We will help people realize they have options. Therefore, the choice they make will be informed and a good one. 

This is where the story gets interesting.

As we recently stated we evolved from a husband and wife team to a husband and wife team. We call it our “We buy houses” dream team. 

“But hold on a sec- you haven’t evolved at all.”

“Other companies have grown into massive buying machines! What’s wrong with you guys?”

Let me tell you. We are different. Our evolution has been about why we do this…

for example, we try to teach people they have options. We provide information on how to prevent a foreclosure from ever starting.

Let’s continue with our story…

 We started with no advertising, no investors or “BIG” money. No outbound sales team. We didn’t need it. We didn’t want it. 

 And this is because in-fact…

Nothing is wrong with us. In-fact everything is “right” with us. And here’s why.


Firstly, and most importantly it comes down to that simple word that was the last word in the previous sentence. Did you see it? That’s right…

A simple WHY

 Our driving force each and every day that we come to work is WHY. Why do we do what we do?

Do we do it to build a mega-machine that churns outhouses and turns out people?     NO!




Are we focused on building a better and stronger community


Some companies think the most important thing is…

  returning massive profits to investors and venture capital partners.

Perhaps, but what if 

 The returns were measured in customer satisfaction and knowing you did a good job?

 Who would you rather work with? Who would you rather be?

We know our answer, emphatically.


That last point, doing a good job. Let’s talk about that. 

It’s definitely not an amazing new idea.

We’re certainly not reinventing anything as important as the wheel.

No revolution here…. 

But what it means to us is this.

Doing a good job means is must be Engaging :

Our work draws us in, holds our attention and gives us all a sense of “flow” Buying houses is pretty simple but handling emotions and carefully providing empathy is a whole different level.

Friends and Family recommend us to their friends and family…

because they understand how we think.

So…What are we thinking?

Our work must benefit other people:

It’s Better to give than receive. a growing body of evidence shows helping others is a key ingredient for life satisfaction.  


Our team should feel valued:

Meaningful and challenging projects put us in a position for accolades and admiration. This does sound a little vain but it makes us feel good. By doing a job – well, you get a pat on the back.


Flexibility allows choices:

Lives happen – they just do, right. Maybe something is happening in your life right now – Is that  why you are checking us out? Flexibility allows us to be balanced and deal with other things happening in ou lives. Being able to say how, where and when we work is an amazing blessing. Furthermore we find it increases our engagement, productivity, happiness and focus. 


Meaningful collaboration:

Who we work for (you) and who we work with (family, friends, co-workers) is just as important to us as anything else. And while we don’t have to be friends with everybody, research shows that it’s really important to know and trust the people around you. Particularly when you run into problems. 


The people around us are an amazing source of connection, to each other and our communities. This is deeply personal and somewhat hard to quantify. But it’s there and we need it and love it!


Our mission has never changed – we will provide a place where people can access information to help them make an informed decision when selling their house. We will help people realize time that they didn’t know they had. Furthermore everyone will be given all their options – so regardless of what happens, they know they made the best decision possible. 


Find out more about us. 


Husband Shaun is an avid cyclist, reader, and an eternal optimist.

 He’s one of the key team members in company direction and development. His empathy was demonstrated in his years after graduating as a physical therapist in Auckland New Zealand. He has worked with children and adults with an array of needs.




Wife Jenn also loves the outdoors, biking skiing and other fun things life presents .  

Jenn is the brains of the operation. Without her we wouldn’t know up from down or left from right.  And if you asked me how to get there? It’s up to Jenn to ensure that WBH runs effectively and efficiently.  Her years developing and implementing process and technology has equipped her very well for this role. In fact so well that she gets it done so efficiently, she holds down another job and takes care of the family.  

“Working with people in tough situations today is an amazing opportunity. Facing a foreclosure is never easy, in-fact it down right sucks! Helping people realize their options is a wonderful feeling, especially when, in a few cases, it means they get to stay in their home.  

“Heck, to say I take care of everything is an overstatement, but thank you for the compliment. I get great satisfaction looping back into the feedback we get from every person we come in contact with.  Furthermore, these individual thoughts, feelings, and emotions allow me to tweak how we connect with each individual. By doing this I believe we can be more effective each and every day. 

Do you want to help other people too?

We kindly ask that you share our story if you have found it to be beneficial for you. Maybe it was just nice to read or maybe we were able to provide you with some useful information on Selling your house fast. Thanks for helping us by passing this information on through Facebook or any other platform you might use. 


Our Goal

Watson Buys Houses will educate sellers so they can make the best decision according to their needs and situation. We strive to provide a place where our sellers can access knowledge about this entire process and then use this knowledge to their advantage. For example take a look at this video on ways to be a better negotiator.  We provide all possible options to our homeowners and sellers so they get to decide which options suit their needs the most. We value each and every person. We us the feedback that we get help us improve our service.


We Can Help You

Here are two happy people in Denver, CO who sold their house to us.

We bought Tom’s house in Denver for cash, in less than a week!

I was in a real bind! You were completely fair, totally upfront, and easy to work with. You were very accomodating to our situation. You even helped me pay for storage, rental truck, and moving costs before we even sold you our home! I would definitely recommend your team to friends and family! I still can not believe how quickly you took care of all of this for us

How We Work With Home-sellers / Homeowners

As mentioned above, we are dedicated to helping homeowners find solutions to stressful situations.

If you need help stopping a foreclosure


you have renters that just won’t give you a break


Sadly, a loved one passed away and left you a house as an inheritance

OR even

Some other unfortunate situation like Divorce, late mortgage payments or a bank auction.

We can help you. Whether you are in Indianapolis, IN or Denver, CO we will buy your house


We look forward to chatting with you. 

Our contact number is: (720) 689-9995. Call us today and get your best offer!

We have compiled the best information on how to sell your house fast – and it’s all FREE!

This guide will walk you through your 3 options when you need to sell your house.

It will reveal the pros, cons, costs, and timeline associated with each option… and it’ll show you which options make sense in various situations.


Sell your House Fast for Cash. We are here to help.

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