5 Most Popular Colors for a Front Door.

Your front door is an exciting opportunity to add curb appeal and evoke emotion in possible home buyer’s. Choosing a popular paint color can absolutely increase the value of your house.  For such an awesome upgrade, painting your front door is an affordable and relatively easy task for any homeowner. There is a multitude of vibrant colorful paint options and all sorts of professional help available. If selling your house is on your radar, or you just want to be greeted with an extra “pop” every time you come home then lets dive in.

A Gallery of Magnificent Front Door Colors.

With even more images and professional insights below!

A Blue Front Door.

Blue is definitely quickly becoming a go-to color for front doors these days. In some towns, blue is now beating out the ever-popular red color for front door choice. From a deep rich Navy through to a bright and quirky light blue there is an abundance of options. 

Blue is fast becoming the go to color choice for a front door.

A Red Front Door.

A red front door has been a popular favorite color choice for many years. Contrasting with a number of front exterior colors a red door just pops when done correctly. Current trains for red doors have them framed by trim in a beautiful white color. For a more dramatic statement some people will turn to a black or even blue trim.

Magnificent in Red – a true statement piece.

A Black Front Door.

If you want to evoke medieval and modern lust while also expressing drama then you absolutely must paint your front door black. Black truly is a great choice these days. With almost an infinite number of tones and shades black is definitely a true color option. 

Black doors are back – or did they really ever go anywhere?

A Yellow Front Door.

Mellow yellow no more. Yellow front doors have exploded until the scene again over the last five years. They have started to emerge is it powerful yet happy choice to adorn the front of your house. 

A yellow door is superb when done correctly.

A Purple Front Door.

Is purple the next black. Or maybe a purple door is the next red. Who knows. What we can say so is that purple doors are more liked than ever. From a dark purple that conveys sophistication and attitude through to a light, playful and mischievous tone purple is now a seriously popular choice.

Purple used to be left field but is now an extremely popular color for a front door. This is a stunning image to end on. 

Your front door color is a fantastic place to gain value. In today’s uncertain housing market don’t waste this opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


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