House Selling Mistakes That Will Cost You Thousands!

Avoid these mistakes at all costs! Selling your house involves large amounts of cash and any mistake could cost you a lot of money. 

Let’s save tons of cash together… RIGHT NOW!

Do you want to avoid spending $20,000 in your kitchen when you don’t have to? What about signing the wrong contract? Did you know that contracts can have the seller paying the buyer some money? Imagine that. You are selling your house and you have to pay for the person buying it! Another huge error you can prevent but you have to know-how.

We have 2 infographics each highlighting 5 very common mistakes that people make when they choose to list and sell their properties. These mistakes are made by people all across the country. This information is relevant to you regardless of where you live. Once you know what to do you will avoid mistakes that have cost people over $50,000 in the past!

3 minutes and 27 seconds is what it takes to save yourself a heck of an error. Plus find Lisa’s contact details – a real estate agent in a super competitive California region, who shares a little insight on what’s going on right now.



5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Selling Your Home.

Disclaimer: I am not an agent and I have no associations with an agent. However, honestly, if you are not doing multiple deals a year these really common mistakes can all be avoided if you use an agent… Just saying.  

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Corona Virus Update: Professional Tips by California Super Star Real Estate Agent.

We spoke with Lisa DiMecurio, a real estate agent in the super-competitive market found on the shores of California, in and around Los Angeles.  She summarized the current market for us by saying “things have totally changed, clients need to be ready more than ever, buyers and sellers need to show they are ready and able to close the deal. Sellers absolutely need to price it right.” Lisa also shared a couple great tips for clients and agents alike. These are based on virtual house presentations. If you want her “secret sauce” just ask her. I’m not sure I’m allowed to share. It was pretty good though…

Are these mistakes made in your state when people are listing their properties?

There is an ongoing debate as to whether you should sell your house by your self or if you should use an agent. On the one hand, you can save money by not paying commissions. On the other hand, you might sign a contract that costs you thousands or you might list your house incorrectly.

Current Trends and market conditions are very important also. They are always changing. Market reports can be found on the internet for every city. Be sure to read and understand them. Or at least have someone on your side that does. 

Again you must absolutely avoid these costly mistakes when selling your home. Its totally up to you but we are giving you all the information you need to know in one place. 

These mistakes and more do not change because of the corona-virus. Which leads us to the Housing Market generally. Are we moving into a recession? Is there anything we can do? Does that mean house prices will go down? Check out below to see if these mistakes are made in your state. 

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