Latest Report: Denver, Colorado Housing Market.

The Denver housing market is strong. House prices have increased.

Here you will find a summary of the latest housing numbers,  in-depth analysis and expert commentary.

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Check out what local Denver Experts are saying about the status of Denver’s housing market.

Tanya, a local buyers agent in Golden, CO, says...

“With children being delayed going back to school I believe the summer buying period could be extended. Also, mortgage rates on a fixed 30 year are under 3% still. This gives buyers more buying power. I believe going forward the market will stay strong.”


Denver agent, Kyle B, goes on to say...

“We aren’t quite back to business as usual regarding number of properties sold. This is because of continued lack of inventory. If you need to sell your house fast now would be a great time to do so and get a great price.”

Jennifer S - Mother, Denver local, and Expert Investor

“2020 proves to be an interesting year. The consensus in 2019 was we would undergo a relative cooling of Denver’s housing Market. Most experts believed we would see house prices remain flat. However July 2020 just saw year on year growth at almost 10%. This is fantastic.”

Table of Contents for this Denver Housing Market Report.

1. Expert Onions and Insight on the Denver Housing Market.

You already devoured that information. It is the quotes you read above. It would seem the Denver property scene is looking good!

2. Next we take a look at the raw data.

This includes expert commentary from local Denver real estate pro’s

3. Then just for you….BONUS: Commentary

A Local Denver Real Estate Investor and small business owner shares his humble opinion. He has been actively buying, selling and lending on property in Denver, Indianapolis and Tampa since 2008. Don’t miss out on a possible gem.

Denver, Colorado Housing Report: The Numbers

Here we present you the latest numbers on single family homes (SFH) sold including average house prices and more, for Denver. Then we elaborate below.

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The Denver Housing market has had time to adjust for the Corona-virus and Denver residents seem unfazed as it relates to buying and selling property. There will be ongoing adjustments to be made. We are well into the summer buying season. Local experts are beginning to predict more confidently where the market is going. There seems to be 2 polarizing camps of thought.

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The average price of a home decreased by 0.1% when compared to April 2019. However, the median home price actually increased by 2.7% to $457,000. New listings were down 37.0%. The number of homes that were sold was also down at -22.7%. Inventory of active listings is also down by 20.0%

The coronavirus would appear to be putting added stress on inventory and market numbers across the board. According to Jennifer, an agent of 16 years in Denver “Sellers are choosing not to list at the moment, so there is nothing for buyers to buy. Therefore, it makes sense that the number of listings and the total number of properties sold are down”. She is hoping for a rebound as fears about the coronavirus, restrictions, and possibly a vaccine is found. 

Rick, an agent-based in Cherry Creek, an exclusive area of the Denver Market, stated “The longer the shutdown the bigger the impact. It is a little wait and see. My main advice to people right now is, despite the coronavirus, if you want to sell you still can. It just takes a little more care and planning.”

House Prices in Denver, CO – SFH. 

What was the average sales price for a house in Denver?

Denver Metro area median home prices increased by 8.38% – year over year – with median price being $503,850 for July 2020.

The average home price has seen a 9.92% increase since July 2019. The average sales price of SFH in Denver for July 2020 was $601,863.

We have just witnessed a 10% rise in prices year on year. This is certainly a surprise to me considering headwinds the market is facing. I do believe it is in recognition of the strength of real estate as an asset class” Rick – Denver, Colorado – Full time real estate agent, part time economics enthusiast.

Number of Homes Sold In Denver, CO – SFH.

How many homes were sold in Denver, Colorado in July 2020?

The number of homes sold in July 2020 was 4,086. This represents an increase of 12.84% compared to July 2019. 

Inventory In Denver, CO – SFH.

The number of Single Family homes for sale, or active listings, in the Denver area for July 2020 declined to 4001 when compared to July 2019.

Days On Market in Denver, CO – SFH.

Days on market, the number of days from the time the home is placed on the market until the day the home is placed in the pending status, was unchanged when compared to a year ago. DOM remains very low at 24 days. 

The low DOM is more evidence we are in a strong sellers market in Denver. This is seen also in homes selling at listing and our average price continuing to increase” said Tanya, who runs a brokerage out of Golden, Colorado (area on west side of Denver).

BONUS COMMENTARY on the Current Status of the Denver Housing Market

Shaun, team member at Watson Buys and is the person providing the bonus commentary today. Here it is…

The team at Watson buys is extremely excited to see Denver house prices remain strong. This is great news for people that live in Denver, particularly people who are homeowners in Denver. It does bode well for the greater Colorado economy also.

Regarding the greater economy, the team at Watson buys is still cautious because of job losses that are occurring in mid to high level paying jobs. There is evidence of large companies laying off people. However, the housing market is large, interest rates remain historically low, and the banking fundamentals a robust. For this reason, we remain cautiously optimistic for Denver and the surrounding areas like Lakewood , Arvada, Aurora, and down South in Littleton or Castle Rock even.

Watson Buys will continue to support Denver communities. We will continue to buy houses from people that need to sell them . We are grateful for your support and will continue our mission to support you too. We will keep producing housing market reports like this and previous ones for you.

What are you hearing in the community? Are you hearing about job loss? Have you heard about new companies moving to Denver?  Let us know in the comments below. We will respond as appropriate.

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