Let’s face it, being a real estate agent means we have a lot of things to do at once, including being a technology expert.

We know how hard it is for real estate agents to sell, especially now that there are thousands of realtors competing for a small number of clients with the financial capacity to buy a house. With the pandemic around and highly competitive nature of the real estate business, it is difficult for real estate agents to close a deal. Even the most established agents are having a hard time.

But still, we have to crawl and sell houses and properties that need to be sold.

So, how can you get through these difficult times?

10+ Real Estate Tools to Be A Top Agent

Privy: GetPrivyNow

Privy - Logo

Class-Leading Real Estate Investment (REI) Tool


Privy is a class-leading Real Estate Investment (REI) tool that helps you build a more complete understanding of the market. Their mission is to provide the knowledge you need to invest like a pro.

They provide the most important data points for you to give you a new way to level-up your real estate investing. Their platform allows investors of all levels to search, filter, and find real-time investment opportunities. With a simple search, you can easily access before and after photos and comps of each property.

BELOW: The on-screen experience for Privy is clean, functional, and intuitive.

How can Privy help real estate professionals? Privy gives you access to MLS data.

You can give your own comps to quickly determine the ARV of all your properties, on or off the market. It has an REI Software automatically comps out of the entire market, searching for deals that have the discounts you are looking for. More so, it creates a LiveCMA for you to share with your colleagues or buyers.

Given this feature, it will save time in finding deals. Privy is powered based on the success of other investors. You can securely look for investor activities and see actual deals that are completed. Important details about the transactions including before and after pictures are included.

Privy believes that to understand the market and the competitors better is to have complete information.

Privy will also help you:

  • Have immediate access to deals with below market price, and write offers on it
  • Determine the best areas to invest to maximize profit.
  • Get access to real-time MLS data
  • Automate business
  • Save time and money making activities
  • Acquire an insider investor activity and the best investment strategies

Do not lose out a ton of opportunities, take your real estate business to the next level.



Box - Logo

Seamlessly Organize Tasks and Schedules

Real estate agents cannot deny how hectic their everyday schedules are. Manually working on the processes can waste your precious time, right?

It is common for realtors to forget schedules and collaborate with their team because of their busy day. Fortunately, Box can help simplify our works. You can securely collaborate with your team anywhere on any device.

Real estate professionals are working with sensitive documents– a secured storage is our top-most priority! Box has an advanced security protocol that can detect security threats that pose harm to your documents.

Other than that, collaboration with Box does not only limit within your team. You can collaborate with your prospective clients and partners, and you can easily share and manage the files you send. Make your workflow move faster with the utmost convenience.

Centralize your documents and provide a better work management and efficiency to your team. Maximize your day productivity with Box!



Placester - Logo

Join the Online Market with Placester

As we are in the digital age, having an online presence is essential for real estate agents. But, how can you do it? Creating a business website is a tedious task. You have to make it appealing to gain more prospective viewers. There’s a lot of tweaks to do to make it suitable for your real estate brand.

Luckily, Placester helps real estate agents who want to join the online market. They offer premium website templates to help create stunning websites. Their websites have a modern and mobile-friendly design, which is what’s best for the sites of real estate professionals.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars to set up a real estate website, trust it with Placester. You can build consumer and investor relationships through their beautiful themes, lead capture forms, MLS search, IDX integration, and content library features.

Placester is the right place to look for essential resources and features for real estate websites. Launch your website and level up your game!


 The Real Estate Trainer


Real Estate Investor

Pivot Your Career with Expert Coaching and Consulting

Each of us wants to pivot our careers and to make improvements in our careers, we need to attend progressive training that can help us grow in our profession. There are things we still have to discover within our profession, and as the number of real estate agents grow, we want to stand out.

Head over The Real Estate Trainer, they are known to be the world’s leading production training website for real estate agents and brokers.

Why is it a must to use Real Estate Trainer?

The Real Estate Trainer offers to coach and consulting with real estate agents, teams, and brokers, or homeowners. Their training courses include modules, videos, scripts, tools, job descriptions, budgets, business plans, workflows, and systems that will significantly help grow your business.

But, The Real Estate Trainer goes beyond providing online courses on their website. Icenhower Coaching & Consulting (ICC) offers customized, structured real estate coaching and training programs for agents, team leaders, and broker or owners.

Their team works with several top agents, teams, and brokerages in North America. What’s best about their consulting and coaching services is it isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Each client is coached according to their specific needs and production level.

Just like us, the Real Estate Trainer’s goal is to help you reach your goal. Go beyond your capabilities, pivot your career with the expert coaching and consulting with Real Estate Trainer. Please have a look at their programs, visit their website.




Matterport Logo

Create an Immersive 3D Virtual Home Tour

It is important for real estate agents to have an engaging property listing, and to have this, you have to use a virtual tour tool.

If you are looking for a reliable virtual tour company that is also an expert in real estate, Matterport is the solution. They help you engage with home buyers and investors. It makes your work easy and helps prospective home buyers and investors make their decision.

Why should real estate agents use Matterport for their visual tours solution? Simple, they offer an all-in-one 3D data platform. It is a cost-efficient and productive solution for agents. They can quickly market their property listing with the help of virtual tours.

Aside from the accessible virtual house tour, Matterport provides an immersive experience by providing these outstanding features:

  • Measurement Mode
  • Dollhouse View
  • Mattertags
  • Schematic Floor Plans
  • Publish on Realtor.com, VRBO, Google Street View
  • Embed 3D Virtual Tour on website

Give your prospective buyers an immersive 3D virtual house tour.


Visual Staging Solutions

Virtual Staging Solution Logo


“Inspire buyers today, sell a top-dollar home”

We love to impress our prospective buyers from our property listings. But, to make a great impression, we have to use a virtual staging tool. You have to remember that property photos on the market listing give the most impact on interested buyers.

Virtual staging solutions give us a way to visualize the property and provide immersive real estate showings to our clients. Real estate agents only have to send the property photos and describe to them the style they want for the house. You can freely envision and remodel the property.

You can be at ease in staging houses, especially for real estate agents that buy ugly houses. Let your clients envision their future home.


Tosolini Productions


Tosolini Productions Logo

Visual Storytelling through MLS

As real estate agents, we want to connect with our clients through first impressions. To get their attention and positive impression, we have to provide rich-visual storytelling through our property listing.

Tosolini production is an excellent visual tour solution. They are an award-winning creative studio that greatly helps real estate agents in marketing their properties through 3D tours. Even Matterport recommends Tosolini productions. More so, they are bringing more excitement with their Virtual and Augmented Reality.



Truplace Logo

Rich Visuals for Property Listings


We all want to have premium visuals for our property listings, don’t we? Real estate agents are looking for an innovative tool to quickly sell their properties and effectively engage with their prospective clients. Fortunately, Truplace became known to the real estate industry.

Truplace offers professional photography and interactive 3D virtual tours for rental property managers, real estate agents and professionals, and home builders. As property listings are on the Internet today, wouldn’t it be advantages to have virtual tours?

Below is a Virtual Tour with Floor Plan Sample from TruPlace

The virtual tour of Truplace includes elevated and aerial drone photography or video. Have you heard of the benefits hiring drone companies for your property listings? Truplace can add aerial drone videos or photos. They have licensed drone pilots that can capture the bird’s eye view of your property.

Grab the attention of your prospective clients with the premium visuals of your property. Deliver an immersive property listing with Truplace.



Speak through Vivid Photos


Real estate agents have to engage with their prospective clients. But, are photos enough to have an impact on your property listings?  Pictures can communicate with your potential clients,  but sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words, right?

As a real estate agent, we have to be precise and accurate with our information to avoid misunderstandings.

SpeakingPhoto made it possible. They make your property photos dynamic and engaging by adding visual voice memos. Create an edge against your competitors with an authoritative voice over on your vivid property photos.

Let your 2D image literally speak to your prospective clients. The photo will capture the attention of your clients, and the concise information will grab their interest. Create a relevant and engaging photo gallery of your property with SpeakingPhoto.



Floor Plans Visual


Have it Visualized with Floor Plans


We’ve been talking about 3D visual tours, 2D photo galleries, but how important is using floor plan visuals? A professionally crafted floor plan has the same impact as having photo galleries and virtual tours on your property listings.

Floor plan visuals help you draw more attention from prospective clients. Your clients can easily visualize the layout of the property. Make them understand the design, and they would surely remember it after visiting multiple properties.

Below is a Residential Floor Plan Sample from Floor Plan Visuals

Floor Plan Visuals Sample

Set your property listing apart from the competitive market. Offering floor plans to your clients can be a competitive edge. Create high-quality floor plans for your property with Floor Plan Visuals. They offer their services to real estate agents, property developers, and property managers. It is their expertise.



Create Immersive Real Estate Storyboard


We cannot deny how businesses and digital marketing are fast evolving. Businesses can easily showcase their products or services through digital marketing. But, in real estate businesses, it is a requirement for the agents to show the house or property on sale. Luckily, we have Animoto.

Animoto is a real estate tool reliable for videos. You can create property listing videos, slideshows, testimonials, and marketing videos. Are you worried about your video editing skills? Well, the developers of Animoto has already considered this dilemma. They offer pre-built storyboards, that allows you to drag-and-drop elements, and a growing music library.

You only have to upload the video clips or images of the house or property, and drag-and-drop them in place to create a real estate video. Do not forget to share your real estate videos on social media or to your website!

Maximize your online exposure by applying the right digital marketing actions.



Create Visually Appealing Graphics


We cannot deny how digital marketers and business owners see the Internet as an essential channel to success. People are spending more time on the Internet to search for things they need and whatnot, don’t you agree? But, how can you get their attention to read your content? It’s true how digital marketing has a significant impact on most businesses, especially for real estate businesses.

To be successful in building your online presence, your website or blog must connect with your potential clients.

Canva is available to help you create amazing posters or marketing collaterals. It is one of the useful tools real estate agents use for graphic designing. You can easily create flyers, placards, and social media graphics with it. It is easy to do as the tool has a drag-and-drop interface, export options, and free layout templates.

As Canva is a reliable online graphic design tool, it makes the desigining process organized and easy by offering millions of fonts, illustrtaions, and photographs. Moreover, it allows you to import your own graphic art.

What’s more impressive? Canva has pre-made templates for real estate agents. Yes, you read it right! You only have to insert the important texts and illustrations. Whenever you need a template for your graphics– Canva has prepared a few that are perfect for real estate agents!


Google Suite

Google Suite - Logo - Real Estate Tools

Portable Office– Anytime, Anywhere


As real estate agents, we are not always in our office. We go from one place to another for client meetings, house viewings, and property inspections. As a result, we miss important calls, messages, and team meetings.

Google Suite works like your portable office. It incorporates the essential tools and applications to make your tasks organized. Google Suite is linked with Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Hangouts. What does it mean to have these tools?

These mentioned tools and applications make business process more manageable. You can quickly check your email, save relevant documents, work on business presentations, and communicate with clients and colleagues. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

We strongly recommend you to use a cloud solution to manage and communicate easier with your team. Real estate agents will experience the benefits associated with these tools. Nothing beats the convenience of having your office right at your fingertips. You can access it any time, anywhere.

It is also the perfect time to use Google Suites today. With the pandemic and social distancing practice, you can connect with clients and colleagues safely.



Trello - Logo - Real Estate Tools

Efficiently Organize Team Workflow


It is usual for us to have loads of work tasks, but as a real estate agent, we are required to have an organize workflow. Aside from assigning tasks from colleagues, you have to do it in an organized manner to efficiently get things done.

An established, collaborative effort with the team will undoubtedly lead to success. Trello is a commonly used collaborative task management tool, not just by real estate agents, but most companies are using this. You can organize the tasks into boards and monitor according to the progress of their project.

Trello Dashboard

Above, you can see several boards created for tasks and lists for the each task progress. You an your colleague can easily drag-and-drop the Trello cards under different lists to monitor the progress.

Furthermore, you can create a checklist, upload attachments, add a due date, and start discussions in the comment section in each card. Also, you can tag or invite as many colleagues you need for the activity.

Trello is one of the great real estate tools for real estate agents and their colleagues to finish their tasks seamlessly. In this way, all of you in the team are accountable for the tasks and actions.




Be Productive with Yesware


The real estate market is hot right now. While home supply remains constrained, interest rates are at historical lows, driving up demand and prices. It is crucial for real estate agents and marketers to upscale their sales. But, how can they do this with their busy schedules? Time is money. It is only a matter of minutes to make or break a deal. Yesware can help you edge over your competitors.

With Yesware, you can easily streamline your meetings with your team or clients. It helps you schedule appointments and follow-ups when the schedule is near. Also, you can save time from setting appointments and sending personalized campaigns in bulk.

Other than that, it tracks the emails you sent and provides an analysis report on its response insight. It gives you an insight into the email engagement between the clients and it helps you improve team performance.

It’s easy to use. Integrate the real estate tools you are already using to Yesware. Free to try and available for as low as $15/month. You will effectively enhance and build better relationships. Start selling more homes. Go to yesware.com to quickly add your O365 or Gmail inbox.



Slydial Logo

Remind Team and Clients with Voice Messages


Some real estate agents lose prospective clients because they cannot remind their clients about their meeting. You do not want to leave your clients out, right? Even when we are in a meeting or hosting a site viewing, you can give essential calls.

If you know your day would be busy, yet you have to call your client or team later, you can do a voicemail instead. Slydial is essential for real estate agents because of its ability to send group and individual voicemails in any carrier.

You can pre-record reminders for the clients you have to meet for today, or pre-record voicemail reports or tasks for your team. Increase your efficiency and sincerity through better communication.

Use a smart and efficient voice messaging tool to communicate with your team and clients. Make your business interactions easier with Slydial.



Slack Logo

Effective Communication Leads to Success


I understand the need for real estate agents to communicate their work progress to their colleagues continually. Primarily when the team covers several places, there is a need to regulate the chat box. Gladly, Slack is introduced to real estate agents.

You can treat Slack as a virtual office. You can share important files and documents, communicate with colleagues, and easily search through the archives to look for the important previous messages. If you are out in your physical office and something urgent came up, you can always communicate with your team.

Slack Sample

Over the years, Slack has improved their cloud-based chatroom. You can now set and integrate practical applications with slack– share Trello cards or documents from Google Drive in your chat box.

Furthermore, you can easily organize your team in Slack workplace. You can create several channels– private or group messages to discuss specific topics. In group chats, you can notify a particular member of the group by mentioning their name.

Real estate agents are thankful for how Slack connects the bridge to communication. You can easily exchange knowledge and information with your colleagues. Moreover, you can efficiently resolve issues that keep a task on hold.



Manage Social Media Accounts in One Platform


When it comes to real estate tools, the list will not be complete without social media management tools. But, we already have several tasks to do, how can we manage our social media accounts? Hootsuite is the answer to our worries!

Hootsuite is a convenient and helpful real estate tool. It helps agents easily manage multiple social networks at once. You can create content, set a schedule, and engage with your audience– may it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Sample of Hootsuite Dashboard

Using social media management tools for real estate businesses will easily help you grow your social media presence, generate new leads, and build brand awareness. The key to maximize the use of Hootsuite is to create and post quality content regularly. Make sure that these contents will give interest to property owners and buyers.

With the use of Hootsuite, you can post all types of contents directly to multiple social network platforms. Social media marketing is not an easy task, we have to track the content engagement. Luckily, Hootsuite made social media management easier than ever, you can monitor follower growth, track analytics, and engagement reports.

Do you know what’s more amazing with Hootsuite? You can use it for FREE. Their free subscription allows you to manage 3 social media platforms. You can post scheduled contents up to 30 posts for each month. If you think you will need more features, then it is best to upgrade to a paid subscription!


Streak for Gmail

Streak Logo

Efficiently Manage Leads and Gmail Transactions


As I have mentioned, social media marketing will build your online presence and it will result in new leads. But, time and time again, we get to ask ourselves how can we manage this task with our hectic schedule? Real estate tools is the answer.

Another handy tool for real estate agents is Streak for Gmail. It is a Google Chrome extension that helps us manage leads and transactions through your Gmail. It’s a hassle to continually switch from Gmail and customer relationship management (CRM) system, right? Use Streak for Gmail to effectively save time and money.

Sample of Streak for Gmail

Streak will provide an overview of the progress of your digital marketing. If you click into a deal, you will see the previous interactions and lead score of your website. In that way, you can easily evaluate and make an informed decision.

Moreover, there are other features you can use with Streak for Gmail. You can simply merge mails, monitor email views, create email filters, and set reminders to prevent breaking the seamless flow of your workflow.

Lastly, Streak is highly customizable to your needs. You can create different message templates for the segmented emails to make it more personalized. With Streak, you can adjust the commission formulas, save deal views, and customize columns.



Convert Leads, Maximize Online Presence


We can see the effectiveness of our hard work in social media through the number of leads converted into an active subscribers list. But, how can a real estate agent expand its email list and maximize online presence?

Mailchimp is one of the real estate tools needed for agents. It provides a simple marketing software that allows you to create personalized real estate emails and newsletters. Trust me, you can make emails and newsletters without the help from designers and developers.

All you need to do is quite simple. You have to choose an email to send to, choose who the email is from, and select the email template. But, you can also customize the content and template. Either way, you can view the email before sending it.

Sending a monthly or regular email newsletter is the best way to communicate with your prospect clients, tenants, suppliers, and leads. However, you have to be sure that the segmented email list you have ensures a relevant and useful audience.

In addition, Mailchimp is also a marketing automation platform that can help you target or re-target website visitors with ads or emails. Sending an automated email campaign to customers and leads.

Take note, sometimes Mailchimp can be a little complicated in setting up. It requires more work to set up. But, once you have settled and gained nurturing leads, you will win more clients in the long-run.



CamScanner Logo

Manage Documents in 40 Mainstream Languages


CamScanner is a helpful tool for every real estate agent. You do not have to rush back to your office to scan a document. Use your smartphone camera to scan your documents!

The scanned image can be converted into a text file as CamScanner has an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and supports 40 mainstream languages. Moreover, it allows you to share the scanned items to the team or print them.

Features of CamScanner:

  • Quickly Digitize Document
  • Extract Texts from Images
  • Share File in PDF or JPEG format
  • AirPrint and Fax Documents
  • Advanced Document Editing
  • Quick Search
  • Secure Important Documents
  • Sync across Platforms

Change the course of your transactions and manage your client’s files easily.



HelloSign Logo

Effortlessly Close Deals with HelloSign


Cut the loads of paper when sealing a deal, effortlessly sign and collect signatures in an instant. There is no need for you to bring burdensome paperwork during client meetings.

Real estate agents can digitally request and add legally binding signatures to any documents. Aside from the accessibility, it offers templates of commonly used forms. You only have to set the document once and save them as templates. By then, you can easily reuse the document once you need them for your next client. Tasks are made more accessible, right?

Also, you do not have to meet every client to ask for their signature. You can send them an email of the document. You only have to add the document file on HelloSign and send it to your client through email.

Aside from faster document turnaround and easy signing, HelloSign provides the following benefits:

  • Better communication with the team: You can monitor who has signed and has not yet signed the document.
  • Secure platform: The documents are highly secured. It has a time-stamped audit trials and passcode permissions.
  • Automated file storage: It is a hassle to look for documents in the office, right? But, using HelloSign helps you organize the signed files. You do not have to track down the signed copy again. They are automatically stored in your account.

Change your game. Immediately close deals by using legally binding e-Signatures.



DocuSign Logo

Seamlessly Collect Signatures with DocuSign


Ah, being a real estate agent requires plenty of paperwork, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the development of the application through the years has exponentially grown. As real estate agents, it’s right to take advantage of these productivity apps.

Gone are the days when we carry around loads of paper. Now, we only bring our smartphones and tablets when making a deal. DocuSign is an innovative app that makes our tasks easier. It is helpful for real estate agents to experience an electronic signature service.

Furthermore, DocuSign is recognized as the number one solution for e-Signatures and has been a great help for real estate agents. That’s why they are offering a more affordable plan for real estate agents.

To be honest, e-signatures are the real deal. It reduces costs, saves time, and motivates the business to go forward!


To Recap

There are several real estate tools available, but as agents, we all hope to get through these tough times in the real estate world. All of these real estate tools will help you manage your clients, making your life easier.

Above mentioned helpful real estate tools that can help you become a top agent are mostly for MLS search, portable office, task management, team collaboration, electronic signature, and virtual tools solution.

Use as many of these real estate tools to keep up with the trends in the real estate business.

We're determined to buy a house for cash. My question is, will it be yours?

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