Recent studies show listings with virtual home tours sell faster and for more money.


We explain what makes a great virtual home tour company and why you must use one for future listings. You can also learn mistakes to avoid an hear insider tips and tricks to help you sell the next house.


Did you know…

Virtual home tours increase the sales price of a home by 9%? On a $300,000 house, that’s an additional $27,000!


It can take 90 days to sell a house. That’s for 3 months!


Research shows virtual house tours reduce the time it takes to sell your house by 31%. Therefore, you can reduce your time to sell by an entire month using a real estate 3D service.

There are facts you can’t ignore. If you are about to list your property on the MLS, you must seriously consider paying for this service. If you need to sell and want top dollar from a cash home buyer or any buyer, virtual house tours will be the perfect solution.

Real estate virtual tour services provide 3D technology, stills, and videos of your entire home. They can do it today, giving you a higher-priced and faster home sale. However, technology is generally evolving fast. Technology in the real estate industry is no exception. When looking for the best companies, you have to consider the technology they use.

Did you know…

Over 90% of home buyers will look at the first image and then move on. You have to nail the first shot!

Companies use professional-grade cameras and equipment. These are the tools that will be creating first impressions for potential buyers. Remember, first impressions last

The cameras creating these first impressions improve daily. Therefore, the best companies providing virtual real estate tours stay on the bleeding edge of technology. They know the best cameras, and why they are the best.

They continuously update their tools to ensure they provide the clearest, sharpest, and brightest images. Only this way, they can produce fantastic content for you and your listing.

So to be the best, you must have the best 3D camera technology available. When talking about working with a service, ask the company about what they use and why. You may not understand what is being said, but that’s what Google is for. Also, that’s why you perform your research. Ask around, do some reading. Remember, this good read will lead to $27,000 or more. Don’t you think it is worth it?

You won’t be the only person selling their house that is interested in virtual home listings and tours. Matterport did a recent survey of property buyers and sellers. The study showed an overwhelming demand for 3D home tours. In fact, 80% of the people selling their homes wanted to have immersive 3D house tours of their listed properties.

Agents did you know…

Home sellers will base their agent choice on virtual home tour availability? Furthermore, 86% of those would go on to recommend these agents to their friends. As an agent, can you ignore these facts? That’s a lot of potential crisis, right?

Also, 99% of the sellers felt that using a 3D tour would give their listing a competitive edge as more than half of the buyers (55%) would buy a property without an actual property sighting if it had a 3D tour.

It has been proven that virtual tours are an effective marketing strategy to sell a house. Home sellers and real estate companies that use virtual tour solutions will sell houses faster and for more money.

But first here is a quick video pointing out some great reasons you should be using drone services for your real estate listings today.


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Real-Life Horror Story: Take Heed Agents and Home Sellers Alike

Real Life Horror Story - Virtual Home Tours

Becoming an expert photographer, let alone a proficient 3D tour producer, takes more than downloading a piece of software. Remember, cheap isn’t always less expensive.

A friend of mine, James, has been a real estate agent in Denver for a few years. He likes to stay up with what’s happening. He had noticed that more buyers were interested in 3D virtual property listings. In fact, several of his potential buyers lost interest in a property because there was no virtual house tour available.

James had a great idea, or so he thought. He went out and bought the best camera he could buy, and he paid a subscription for real estate 3D virtual tour software.

He envisioned attracting many potential buyers to his property listings as he now provided virtual tours on all his listings. But, he got a very different result!

“When I was scanning the area, the software would not scan, and there’s no progress on alignment. I tried numerous attempts; I adjusted the camera in different angles and locations– but I got nothing! I tried calling the company to assist me in scanning and creating the 3D virtual tour, but they would not answer. I feel like I threw away thousands of dollars. I never thought things would go this way.”

This story has two lessons:

My friend James, the Denver real estate agent, threw away a lot of money. Becoming a good, let alone the best virtual tour service provider takes time, learning, and education. It is more than equipment and software. It is tough to master. Learn from his mistake.

Anyone, like James, can buy virtual tour software and camera equipment– but, that doesn’t make them have the right choice. If you are selling our house and you need a 3D service, you must do your research. Ask about their equipment, of course. But also ask about their experience, references, and look at their prior work. And remember– cheap isn’t always less expensive. If you pay someone $100 for crappy photos, you don’t have pictures– you will have crap.

It’s your money. Don’t miss out.

Remember, if you use the best when it comes to virtual home tour businesses, you can make an additional $27,000 when you sell an average priced home.

James, Denver, CO

Must-Haves of a Virtual Tour Solution Service


There are several virtual tour solution services you can hire online, but not all provide high-quality and offers some features that are not beneficial to agents. We want to help our fellow agents pick the best real estate virtual tour solutions. That’s why we have evaluated them in the following criteria.

Here are the following must-haves to evaluate the best 3D virtual tour solution service:

Equipment: All of the companies in our choices use smartphones, 3D cameras, and innovative technologies to create 3D virtual tours.

✓ Features: As we curated several virtual home tour services, we chose those with the best features and offers for real estate agents. We understand how busy their schedules are. So, we focused on the necessary abilities to create and edit a 3D home tour. But, we still prefer those that offer additional features, guidance, and integrated social media sharing.

✓ Ease of Use: Virtual house tour solutions need to be easy to navigate. Real estate agents should not have a hard time creating virtual tours. It should be accessible to all skill levels.

✓ Price: Prices for virtual home tour solution services vary. Some are based on a recurring subscription, or some for a one-time service fee.

✓ Customer Service: We chose real estate virtual tour providers with customer service available in regular business hours. Those you can quickly contact through at least one medium– may be via chat, phone, or email.

✓ Customer Reviews: The efficiency of their service can be measured through the customer reviews on each virtual tour solution. we did not rely on our reviews; we have sourced other comments and reviews to gauge user satisfaction.

✓ Innovative and Process-Driven Systems: Process allows measured change. Measure change breeds innovation. Innovation drives excellence. Combine these, and you will have the recipe for greatness.

Based on the criteria, we found the following virtual tour providers offer the best 3D virtual house tour solutions for the real estate industry. Their services are cost-effective. The return on investment is impressive. The convenience is outstanding, as you can use your modest handheld pocket device– Yep, it’s that simple.

If you have a smartphone, a house to sell, and you want to make an additional $27,000 or more, keep reading.

The results of these 3D home tours can be used in property listings, email campaigns, social media, and marketing.

List of 3D Home Tour Providers


These real estate virtual tour solution providers met all our standards to be the best. They exceed all customer expectations and provide an exceptional job!


Matterport Logo

click image for company review

Capture, Share and Collaborate in Immersive 3D

Virtual Staging Solution Logo

click image for company review

“Inspire buyers today, sell for more than the home next door.”

Tosolini Productions Logo

click image for company review

Real Estate Aerial Photography and Video


click image for company review

Create, Share, and Talk Virtually on your Smartphone

My360 Property Virtual Tours

click image for company review

Shoot and Create to Increase Visibility

Roundme Logoclick image for company review

Most Hassle-Free 3D Virtual Tours Authoring Platform

Tourwizard logo
click image for company review

“More visually-enriched listings, more sales”

Eyespy360 logoclick image for company review

“Enhance Branding with Tour-as-as-Service Solution”


We're determined to buy a house for cash. My question is, will it be yours?

Best Real Estate Virtual Tour Solutions

Big Stats-real-estate-virtual-tours

Provide immersive real estate showings with the best real estate virtual tour solutions provider. Real estate agents, investors, and homebuyers are excited about the 3D house tours.


“It is quite simple. We buy houses and we sell houses. For us, we have to provide accessibility to our prospective buyers. Using 3D virtual home tours attract regular and cash home buyers. Real estate virtual tour solutions have extremely helped us in real estate showings, especially in this pandemic when we cannot easily visit places due to social distancing measures. Even before, when I need to sell my house fast, I find using 3D virtual tours quite effective.”

Shaun M

Real Estate Investor, Watson Buys,

Matterport Logo


Capture, Share and Collaborate in Immersive 3D

As a real estate sellers agent, don’t you want more engagement with all your listings?

Matterport is a reliable real estate virtual tour solution to help you engage with home buyers and contractors. It streamlines your work as a realtor and the prospective buyers, investors, and tenant’s decision-making.

Why must realtors use Matterport?

Matterport offers an all-in-one 3D data platform that accelerates productivity, streamlines decision-making, and a cost-efficient solution for real estate agents. They can quickly market their property listing by providing virtual tours to their clients.

Technically speaking, realtors can provide a 24/7 open-house tour for their clients, accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Matterport provides a more immersive experience that viewers can feel the flow of space that photos cannot only capture.

With a single scan, the platform will automatically generate 3D virtual tours, 4K print-quality photos, schematic floor plans, and guided video tours. With the outstanding features of Matterport, the platform enables:

  • Measurement ModeIt allows the viewers to measure the size of each room and digitally measure walls, doors, windows, or furniture. They guarantee 99% accuracy on the size measurements Matterport generates.
  • Dollhouse ViewYou can allow viewers to see how the rooms are laid out in the house. They can view the property from every perspective. Your interested clients will surely get a bigger picture of the property.
  • MattertagsRealtors can embed annotations and rich media in the 3D virtual tour to highlight any property.
  • Generate schematic floor plans of properties.
  • Publish to, VRBO, and Google Street View
  • Embed the 3D Virtual Tour on any website

Stand out from the competition with Matterport. Download their Capture App and experience how easy it is to create a 3D virtual house tour of your property.

Virtual Staging Solution Logo

Virtual Staging Solutions

“Inspire buyers today, sell for more than the home next door”

It is the nature of real estate agents to impress their potential clients with their property listings. But how can we make a great impression? You can virtually stage the house on your listings to inspire your clients!

Property photos uploaded on the listings give the most significant impact. That’s why it is best to provide our prospective buyers a way to visualize the property to have immersive real estate showings.

Virtual Staging Solutions help realtors stage the houses on their property listings. But, other than visual staging, they can help you remodel and envision future properties.

Realtors only have to send the property photos and describe the style they want for the property. You can envision and remodel the property. Whether the house needs a slight remodeling, renovating, or pre-selling a property, Virtual Stage Solutions can make way for you.

They can change the essential structural elements of the home and match any finishes– from floorings, wall color, fixtures, countertops, and cabinets.

Realtors can be at ease in staging houses, especially realtors that buy ugly houses for cash. Let your client envision their future home.

Tosolini Productions Logo

Tosolini Productions

Business Storytelling with Emerging Media
(+1) (425) 985-7886


Tosolini Productions bridge the gap between the realtors and their clients through their innovative technology.

They are an award-winning creative studio that helps businesses level up their marketing and presentation through visual storytelling. Tosolini proudly crafts interactive digital experiences that connect their clients with their target audience.

Take a look of their 3D Virtual Tour below:

Most of the spaces they are scanning for 3D visual tours are corporate facilities, business spaces, experience centers, museums, and real estate properties. The platform of Matterport inspires Tosolini. They user their propriety camera to capture 360-degree imagery with genuine depth.

Matterport Service Providers recognize them as experts with technology. Aside from their 3D visual house tours, they are bringing more excitement with their Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Can you imagine you will only wear a VR headset, and you can walk around and have a realistic view of the property? Tosolini Productions is indeed committed to providing an immersive experience to their clients.



Create, Share, and Talk Virtually on your Smartphone

The advancement of technology has greatly helped real estate agents. With iStaging, you can transform any commercial or residential real estate property into a 3D rendering through your smartphone. Yes, you are right! They have a VR Maker in their app that you can download directly to your phone. You can turn your smartphone into a high-quality virtual reality camera.

You can capture a 360-degree view from your smartphone which automatically stitch into amazing panoramas. Let your clients see the house or property in 360 or Virtual Reality (VR). You can enhance your virtual tour by modifying some elements in the building on the 3D model. Also, iStaging allows real estate agents to transform floor plans into presentations for their clients.

Although there is no available free or demo account, you can start their virtual tour solution at $5.

My360 Property Virtual Tours

My360 Property Virtual Tours

Shout and Create to Increase Visibility
+34 (951) 193-436

Do you want to direct your own 3D virtual home tour? My360 Property Virtual Tours give real estate agent the chance to show their houses to interested homebuyers through a 3D footage of the house. You can capture and create your 3D virtual house tour and let your clients view it on a VR headset.

Your 3D footage in My360 is stored in a cloud that makes it accessible anywhere around the world. Also, they allow you to build unlimited property virtual tours and embed it to your website, property portals, or social media platforms. Take your business to the next level– beat the competition and increase visibility.

If you are interested in My360 Property Virtual Tours, you can try their FREE 14-day demo.

Roundme Logo


Most Hassle-Free 3D Virtual Tours Authoring Platform

Capture, publish, and post virtual tours– that’s how easy you can use Roundme. It is easy and reliable for real estate agents to use. You can create 3D footage in any compatible device, which makes it accessible to all. Real estate agents can easily publish the panoramic tours by dragging and dropping the rich-visual media into the website or MLS.

You can enhance your virtual panoramic shots by using Roundme’s skins and templates. Roundme encourages real estate to create an online VR portfolio by embedding multiple shots into their listings and website.

Tourwizard logo


“More visually-enriched listings, more sales”

3D virtual home tours have a significant impact on the engagement and visibility of property listings. That’s why most real estate agents are advised to embed real estate virtual tours on their websites or property listings. Tourwizard makes it easy for the agents. It is a self-service virtual tour solution.

Tourwizard provides digital tools that allow you to capture panoramic shots and convert them into virtual tours. Your 3D virtual tours are automatically optimized to be visible in any device and to a rank higher in SERP.

Eyespy360 logo


“Enhance Branding with Tour-as-a-Service Solution”

Take your property listings to the next level by using 360-degree virtual tours for property showcasing. EyeSpy360 makes it easier for real estate agents to capture and upload panoramic shots and convert them into Virtual Reality (VR) tours.

But, if you do not have the luxury of time to create and publish your 3D models, floor plans, and 360 virtual tours, EyeSpy360 can do it for you. You only have to take 360 photos from a 360 camera and upload them– their team will do the rest. Having done, you are providing an immersive 3D virtual home tours to your prospective buyers.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Virtual Tour Solutions

If you use a 3D virtual home tour service the next time you sell a house, you will sell it faster, and you will sell it for more. How can you argue against using one for your following listing?

We have handed you a number of best options and given a criteria on how to identify the best virtual house tour company near you. Don’t ignore the facts. Act today and talk to the best 3D virtual home tour professionals today.