A house is an asset, and buying one could very easily be one of the biggest investments you can make in a lifetime. Most people have their net worth attached to their houses, and when they require financial assistance, they can make an application for loans, using their homes as collateral or security. 

In the unfortunate event that they’re unable to pay their debts as and when due, the creditor can put a lien on the house as this will enable him to get back what he is owed. This article will help you understand what a lien is and whether you can sell your house with a claim against it. 

What is a Lien on a House?


what is a lien

A lien is a legal right or a claim a creditor has against assets or properties used as collateral to satisfy a debt. It is the right to take another person’s property to repay an unpaid mortgage or unfulfilled obligation.

A lien shows that there is a fundamental obligation to repay a loan owed; where this obligation is not discharged, the Lien empowers the creditor to legally seize such a house or property that was used as collateral meet the requirement on the property.

The house becomes the Lien’s subject matter, and as such, you cannot sell that house without the consent of the creditor or lien holder. Once there is a lien on your home, it creates a cloud on the title of such a house. A diligent prospective buyer has the right to investigate how genuine your ownership of the house is, and since lien filings are public records, they can easily be detected.

Of course, hardly any buyer would love to buy a property with a lien against it, and so this begs the question of whether or not you can sell your house when there is a lien on it.

Selling your House with a Lien against it 

It is possible to sell your house with a lien against it; however, it is challenging as there are numerous financial and legal hurdles to overcome before you can proceed with the sale of your house. Again, these legal hurdles have to be resolved timorously too. 

Here are some important steps to take to enable you to sell your house even when there’s a lien against it: 

Investigate the Lien: 

There are different types of Liens, and each Lien is unique. You can sometimes discuss with the lien holder and agree for a certain percentage of the amount owed to be paid.  

At other times, you can discuss with the lien holder to lift the Lien to enable you to sell your house and repay it. These options are not automatic. Sometimes, the lien-holder may decide not to budge until you pay him the amount owed or transfer ownership of it to him. 

If you succeed at clearing the Lien, ensure that you collect a letter in writing that is duly executed as proof that the Lien has been cleared. In some circumstances, lien-holders forget to remove the Lien on the house even after they receive payment, and your letter will serve as a defense if such situations arise. 

Dispute any Incorrect Lien: 

After investigating the Lien, and noticing that the Lien was incorrectly placed on the property, you should report to the lien-holder. Be sure to go with all the necessary financial documentation to authenticate your claim.  

Where the lien holder refuses to release the Lien, you can hire an attorney to file a legal case in court for you. If you can prove your case in court, then the Lien would be released. If not, then you’ll return to the stage of settling with the lien holder.

Contact a Real Estate Expert:

If you could not get your Lien released and still want to sell your house on the open market, one option is to contact a real estate expert who is aware of the situation. Such a real estate expert will help you negotiate with the lien holder, and help you acquire a partial or full release on the Lien. 

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Sell your house to an Investor:

If you are unable to satisfy the requirement on your loan, you can sell to an investor who will take the house off your hands by buying it as-is (meaning the house won’t be repaired or improved before it is sold). The investor gives you a fair cash offer and takes the house off you, and you don’t have to bother about repaying the debt anymore.

Selling a house with a lien against it is a difficult job. Yet, it’s not impossible. Following the steps above would help you scale through this challenging task depending on how determined you are to achieve your aim. 

To avoid issues of the sort, you may decide to make use of Land trusts to protect your assets from legal action. Do not forget that we buy houses Florida. Contact us today.

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