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We are 100% completely transparent. We will give you answers to all your questions about selling your home, how we buy houses, and more.

Our goal at Watson Buys is to answer all the frequently asked questions in one spot. We want to make all the necessary information available to you.

Our website has various sections throughout our website to answer all and any questions. We have sections such as:

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What are the taxes I face if I sell inherited property?
What is the best and easiest way sell my house fast?
How to find the best cash home buyer near me?

Are “We Buy Ugly Houses” companies legitimate?

Can I pick the closing date?

Yes, you can.

Because we buy direct there is no middleman/agent involved.

We do not use a bank so no red tape and regulations that cause delays.

Therefore, when you choose the day that you want to close we can do that for you.


How do I stop a foreclosure?

There is nothing good about this situation.

It is very stressful. Often market conditions are to blame. Not you!

It can seem like everything is falling apart.  Trust me, I know. 2018 was really bad for me.


Make sure you are talking to someone you trust. Anyone at all. 

Promise us that if you read this you will reach out to someone.

A member of your family, a friend, a community leader.


You can even call us, no-obligation, maybe we can give you some ideas. Just call someone now and have a chat.


We have created a comprehensive guide about foreclosure just for you.  Check it out.

We help you understand everything you need to know so you can make the best choice for you.


Below is the same old boring list every other website will tell you.  Honestly, it doesn’t give you any options really.  So go now and check out our comprehensive guide on our blog that we created just for you.

  1. Catch up with your payments.
  2. Loan Modification.
  3. Sell your house.
  4. Bankruptcy.
  5. Deed in Lieu.


How do you know you can trust us?

First, maybe you want to look at a government website

A good place to start could be https://www.usa.gov/foreclosure. 

You will find lots of great information that will tell you the same thing we tell you.

How can I sell my house fast in Avon, Colorado?

Selling your house fast Avon Colorado.

If selling your house fast means the shortest amount of time between deciding you need your proerpty sold and the time you get cash paid into your bank account the fastest way is hands down to sell your house to a real estate investor. Watson Buys is such a company. We are faster than anyone because:

  • We are local to Avon (we can be at your house in minutes if you choose).
  • We 100% understand the value of houses in Avon, Vail, Edwards and other neighborhoods in Eagle County.
  • We use our own funds so are not slowed down by red tape from banks.
  • We are professional real estate investors so can give you a decission very quickly.


You have 3 options if

What’s the difference between selling my house to Watson Buys and hiring a real estate agent?

First of all, we can close a deal really really fast. Like, in less than 30 days fast or maybe even less depending on your needs, whereas hiring a real estate agent would normally take several months. In addition, selling your house to a cash buyer will save you money because you don’t have to pay for a realtors commission, house repairs or closing costs. So basically, we buy your house when you want us to, for cash, as is!

Does Cash/Direct Buyers Pay fair price?

To be honest, the cash offer we give to you is less than market value. Yes, it’s a low offer but in return you don’t pay any commissions or closing costs.  Those two alone can account for $30,000 on a $300,000 dollar home! No commissions, zero fees plus for free we will throw in no hassle and no stress. In addition we will save you money because by selling your property fast you don’t have to keep paying for the mortgage and interest, insurance, utilities and taxes. So what are you waiting for? There is absolutely no obligation to sell to us if you call.  We will discuss what you need to sell your house and if you choose to we can continue to chat or you can look elsewhere. Either way we are here to help so call now. If you call us ask us about or FREE guide that will help you in your house selling process. Or you can download the ebook below.

Can I Save money for the commissions and fees if I sell my house to you?

Definitely! In fact, you will not spend a single penny on commissions or closing costs. We deal with all the closing costs for you and we even pay a Title company to do it all properly.  If you like you can even choose your own title company. We check out the property and as long as it is what you say it is we will close with cash. What we agree on as the offer is what we will pay you! We do not charge you any fees at all.

How do you come up with a fair price for my property?

There are few things to consider before we make an offer for a particular property. First of all, we will check the location of the property.  We will verify the current condition, does it need mild or serious repairs, and we also check the recent sales value of the nearby properties. Once we have all of this information we use technology, and a little local knowledge, to come up with the most we can pay.

Once I provide my info and get the cash offer will I be obligated to sell?

Definitely Not! There is no obligation at all. Once we’re done checking your property and come up with an offer then it’s totally up to you whether to accept or decline the offer we gave you. The decision is yours! We’re all about helping homeowners, not harassing them.  You are totally in control throughout the entire process.

Other Resources

Find answers and other great information at the following resources.


Do you buy houses outside of Colorado?

We focus on buying houses in Colorado. We have friends, family and fantastic people to work with in Colorado. We know a few other companies that also buy houses that do great stuff for their communities too. Here is a list of areas with links to great We Buy Houses companies for your reference.

Atlanta, Georgia

Warner Robins, Georgia

Birmingham, Alabama

Houston, Texas

New Orleans, Louisiana

Savannah Properties in New Jersey

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If I sell inherited property do I have to pay tax?

The short answer is yes you do and you should always consult a tax professional when it comes time to ensure you do everything correctly.

Now the more useful answer is that if you inherit a house and then sell it you pay capital gains tax based on what the house was worth at the time you inherited it.

For example, if you inherit a house worht $100,000 and you sell it 3 years later you will be charged the current (the rate on the day you sell it) capital gains tax rate on $100,000.

Capitals gains tax is broken down into short term and long term capital gains.

Short term capital gains tax is applied when you own an asset for less than 1 year.

Long term capital gains is applied to any asset you sell that you owned fo rmore than a year.

Short term capital gians tax on inherited houses is calculated on where your inclome puts you in the federal tax bracket. In laymnas terms its treated like money that you were paid from your job.

Long term capital gains tax rates, when selling inherited property, are o%, 15% and 20%. Long term capital gains rates are normally lower than short term. Therefore many proffesionals might suggest that you hold the inheritance for a year.

HOwever that would mean paying taxes, insurance and for maintenace and repiars during that period. Understanding the math takes some time but is worth it.

If you do choose to sell  your inherited home please contact Watson Buys. Even if we don’t do a deal we would love the opportunity to help you with information and more.

We have compiled the best information on how to sell your house fast – and it’s all FREE!

This guide will walk you through your 3 options when you need to sell your house.

It will reveal the pros, cons, costs, and timeline associated with each option… and it’ll show you which options make sense in various situations.


Sell your House Fast for Cash. We are here to help.

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