Cash for houses.

Will it really work for you?

5 things you must know about “We Buy Houses”

Watson will pay cash for your house – Fast, fair and 100% free. 

Don’t miss these MUST KNOW things before selling your home for cash. 

BUT first this is how we can help you. What we will do for you..

We will pay cash for your house because we pay cash for houses in your neighborhood.

You just have to let us know when you want it. 

It’s honestly that simple. Use the form above or give us a call for a chat. 

Cash for your house, when you want, as-is and you don’t pay for anything. What else do you need? 

Tell us and we will listen. 

We are a local company so we understand the neighborhoods, we understand the value, so we know how much money we can pay for your home. 

Also because we live here all the money stays in the community. So that cash we pay for you house, and the money we pay to local trades people all benefits our community. 

No other companies can say that because they are all based in silicon valley, in California. Big massive corporations. Just look at their websites. They are all basically the same because they ARE THE SAME!

But look, to tell you the truth we all say we are different, right?

That’s what they all say, right? Who the heck are “they” anyway.

Hi, My name is Shaun and I have been asked to take an in-depth look, and then explain, how the process works when it comes to selling your house fast for cash.

 I will describe each part piece by piece. By the end of this you will 100% be able to say:

“Cash for houses you ask? Yeah, I know exactly how that works.”

Alright then – now where were we…

Hmmm… Oh Yeah,  

Back to “they’

“They” is the signs you see…”Cash for houses” that’s different to us.

 They is “We By Ugly Houses” or “Sell Your House Fast – FOR CASH” that you see littered all over the city.

That’s not us either. We don’t Litter our communities. We live here! Why would we do that! 


 Do not miss out on the bonus feature that follows these top 5 must know lessons. 

The benefit of reading this is you will understand the process. When you know how something works it gives you confidence, RIGHT?

Confidence gives you the upper-hand in negotiations (more on this later)

Upper-hand in negotiations = you get what you want! 



Know what is important to you before speaking to anybody.  

e.g. When do you want your house sold?  You can use this in the negotiations. 

Write them down on a piece of paper. 

Keep them handy. 

 By the end of this quick piece you will understand the following about these “Cash for Houses” companies:

1. What to expect when you first make contact

2. The “OFFER” – what do they mean by a no-obligation cash offer?

3. Closing date – why is the closing date important?

4. Cash at Closing – Are they going to turn up with a big bag of money? 



By this I mean learn how to negotiate. Again do this before speaking with anybody.

When you combine confidence and negotiation skills you will get better deals.

There is a ton of great stuff on YouTube you can watch.

 Chris Voss might be my favorite.

 “Google him”

 1. What to expect when you first make contact:

 Most companies call this step 1.

 You let us know you want to talk.  You can do this a few different ways:






We will ask you about your house. 5 W’s and an H. 


Honestly, that’s about it. There is no reason not to be confident. You know the answers to these questions! 


 Once we know everything we need to know about the house we can compare it to other houses in the area that are similar.  If nothing is exactly the same we make adjustments.

 For example, if your house has 4 bedrooms and the other house has 3 – then if all other things are equal – your house would be more…

 Does that make sense?

 From this, we know how much cash we can pay for houses in different areas.  Maybe you have heard real estate agents talking about “comps”.   

 “Comps” that’s just professional slang for short for comparable. 

 You know, like how I said we would compare the price of houses.

 I think it’s funny how people talk about comps like there’s some special thing.  The information is all there for free.

 Lesson Number 3.


 The company buying your house will verify what you say about it.

 If you say it has 4 bathrooms don’t let them find 2 half bathrooms on when they verify. 

 Instead, say it has 4 bathrooms, 2 of them are halves – see the difference?

 If they think your hiding stuff they will reduce the offer. 

 Honesty is actually the best policy

 3. Closing date – What is it and why is it important?

 STEP 3: Close when you want 

 The closing date is the day you get paid and the day the ownership of the house is transferred to the buyer.

 If you work with us we let you pick that date for your convenience.

 When you are ready to “close” you just tell us. By closing quickly you save on mortgage payments, insurance payments, taxes, and the list goes on.

 Choosing your closing date saves you money!

 Unfortunately, some people get behind on payments with the bank. This can lead to the bank setting a day to sell the house at auction.  This is called a foreclosure.

 When someone is facing foreclosure it is very important they choose a day before the bank sells their house at auction.

Lesson Number 4. 


FACT: Everybody is influenced by a smile, even the “Pros”.

Putting away your dirty underwear and smiling costs you nothing.

In-fact research shows it can lead to better deals! 

Your smile is a superpower!

4. Cash at Closing – Are they going to turn up with a big bag of money?


STEP 4:  Get paid. get paid cash.  get paid now. 100% guaranteed funds deposited directly into your account, we will give you cash for your house.

It doesn’t matter how you word it. It’s all means the same thing. When you sell your house you will get paid directly into your bank account. Once it is in your bank account it is yours – no fees, no commissions. 100% guaranteed cash.

And that’s it!


I hope not.

I spent days writing this up for you.

The tips I gave you actually do make a difference. Do some extra research yourself if you want to. 


and that brings me to…

Lesson Number 5:


No matter who you talk to double check out the information. You can go

online or you can share this with family and friends. Facebook is a really great place

to access a lot of info really quickly. Show people what you are looking at. They will let you

know if there is anything up. Better yet be extra sure and do both. Selling

your house is a big decisions. Make sure you feel like

you get a fair deal.

Confessions of a “We Buy Houses” Employee

How it really really works… So you know how I said I would tell you how it works? 

Well I did, but…

The truth comes outs.


So here it is, 

The Truth, the whole truth and

Nothing BUT the truth.

The main reason that I wrote this piece is to try and convince you all that what we do here at “Watson Buys Houses” is really good. 

We are good because we care. We care because we actually live here. We are located in Indianapolis and in Denver. Believe me that might sound like big business, all grown up and all but it’s really not. 

We ended up in both places because we made friends in each city. Friends soon become work associates and business partners. Because our friends thought we were good people they wanted to work with us. Because we thought they were good people we wanted to work with them. 

Look, this industry is tough. There are a lot of people that are dealing with some really stressful stuff. We get it. There are also a lot of people trying to take advantage of these situations like foreclosures, bank auctions that can lead to REO’s.

NB: A REO is when a bank has a property that it sells directly to a real estate agent. REO stands for Real Estate Owned. 

O.K  –   where was I?  Hmmm…

Oh yeah – alot of stress, people all over… My point is its nice to work with nice people.  That’s why we work in Indianapolis and Denver. We like working with nice people. 

Give us a chance. Reach out – but only if you are nice too.




BONUS FEATURE: Gain more leverage knowing this…


“We Buy Houses” type companies want you to feel like it’s all very complicated. All those big scary legal documents…right?


It is not complicated at all and I am going to put it all here for you.

Learn it. Understand it. Use it to be confident when working through this process.

Remember…. the best negotiators in the world rely on confidence to get the best deals.

So what “process” am I going on about now?

I’m talking about the actual closing itself and all those long documents nobody understands.


Here are what you need to know:

Make sure the closing is performed by a title company. You choose or they choose. It actually doesn’t matter.  The only advantage to choosing the title company is you get to shop around.

But remember – we are paying for it so it really doesn’t matter.

Again – the important thing is that a title company is used. This is because it is their job to make sure that the process of buying and selling is done correctly.

They make sure that you get your money. They make sure you are not tricked in any way.


The title company makes sure the transaction is recorded legally.

For them to do this you MUST be paid. 

First, they take the money from the person buying the house. 

Next, they take the deed (the piece of paper that shows who owns the house)  from you.

Once the title company has the deed they will give you, the seller, your money. 

Finally, after you get paid the owner-ship of the house is given to the buyer. 


That’s how the process works. 

Not complicated at all once you know, right?


FREE GUIDE:  Sell your house and get paid fast in 2020.

Do you want to sell your house fast?

Of course you do, right?    

How do I do it?

We make it really simple and you are always in charge. 


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We promise selling your house will be fast, fair and 100% free

Your Free Guide Starts Here.

How do I sell my house quickly?

That’s the most common question we get asked.

 This free guide will highlight all of your options.  And there are many! So, where do you start?


Who will work for you and make it happen?  

The Team at “Watson Buys Houses” will. Fast, fair and free

That’s our motto. The professional team at Watson will make it happen!  Do you want to learn how?

“We called Watson because we were in a real bind. 2 days later we cash in our bank!”

That’s right, we closed on their house in 2 days.  If you are thinking about selling your house – PLEASE, reach out to us. Drop us a line, call us, email us, fill out the form – we are discreet, we are professional. You tell us what you want, every step of the way. However, you want to make it happen.    Whatever your timeline. Whatever the situation. 

It’s all up to you, you are 100% in control.  BUT YOU must take that first step. Then the team at Watson Buys Houses kicks into overdrive.  We work for you.  

Call us or fill out our form.  It takes about 23 seconds.  We will ask you about your house and want to move. It doesn’t take long at all. As an i-Buyer we use technology to process that information.  We combine that with our local knowledge. We are not robot-controlled billion-dollar companies hidden in Silicon Valley. We are real people.  We combine technology with our local knowledge to get you the best cash offer really quickly. 

But how do you have local knowledge of Denver and Indianapolis? 

Because we live here! 

 Yip, North Side, Near East and Speedway. Aurora, Montbello and Arvada. We know what’s going in Indiana and Colorado. 


We treat you fairly and give fair cash offers.


To us fair means without cheating or taking advantage of someone.  We ensure fairness by giving you control 100% of the way.  We do buy houses fast. Things move quickly. We do this because sometimes people are facing foreclosure. 

The speed at which we move does not change the fact that you are in control.  

FACT: You are under no obligation to sell us your property at any point.

FACT: If you like the offer, you accept it.

FACT:  If you don’t like the cash offer, then you can decline it. 

If you have a question at any time then please ask it. We will stop everything and take as long as you need. No pressure whatsoever. When you’re ready we can move on. 

Sometimes people ask us    “How did you come up with the offer on my house?”

 The short answer is we look at what other houses are selling for in your area. We compare them to your house and come tell you the maximum price we can pay. We know the value of your property because we have bought homes nearby recently. 

There is no “secret sauce” or hidden agendas. Pretty boring really. But doesn’t it make sense? 

 We are 100% here to you. We will help you decide what your best option is. We help people who don’t want to deal with the headaches of rehabs or repairs.

Selling your house is never easier thanks to by i-Buyers like

Do I need to fix up my house to sell it?

Not everybody has the time or money to rehab their house. And we want to save you the hassle. We will buy your house “AS-IS”. We know just how quickly the costs can run up. If you use an agent or try selling your house by yourself, (For Sale By Owner or FSBO), you will pay: 

  • Commissions and Fees
  • Rehab and Repair Costs
  • Insurance
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Landscaping 
  • Staging… and the list goes on!

Important information… FACT:  If you use Watson we won’t charge you anything

Did you know just how much it costs to make repairs? We did some digging and this is what we found.

Average Cost to Replace Roof $7,211
Average Cost to Replace Water Heater $1,308
Average Cost to Paint Inside (based on average size of house in the U.S. $6,045

These 3 items alone add up to a whopping $14,564. How fair is it that you spend all that money for someone else enjoy?

Also what if you need to sell in a hurry? Just imagine how long takes to get done. 

“I need to sell my house now!” – Unfortunately some people are facing foreclosure or are behind on mortgage payments.

This sucks! We know. But that’s why we are here.

Watson has experience with forecloses, stopping foreclosures, late bank payments and overdue mortgage payments. You have options, just ask us.

There are many reasons why you may need to get your house sold quickly.

  • Maybe you have annoying tenants who are taking advantage of you
  • Maybe you have a new job and have to relocate
  • Maybe a loved one passed away and left you an inheritance
  • Divorce?
  • Maybe you just want a change and don’t want the hassle of selling your house with an agent. 

When you sell your house to us we will go at your pace.

Need it closed tomorrow? Done. 

Want to move in 90 days? We can do that too.

Every step of the way it is our mission to give you the best and most relevant information on selling your house. All of these benefits mean you get a fair deal across the board. 

“Not only did these guys close really fast, but I felt like they were open and honest”

100% FREE – No commissions and we pay all the closing costs.

What does it cost to sell my house?”  It will cost you nothing if you sell to Watson Buys Houses.

If you use an agent or sell your house yourself you will pay:

Commissions and Fees

Rehab and Repair Costs


Ongoing Maintenance


Staging… and the list goes on!


NB. If you use Watson we won’t charge you anything, we buy AS-IS 

Open door states “Assuming you sell your house for $248,000 (the median price for a single-family house in the U.S. in 2018) you could end up paying $41,000 in total costs. 

 That could even go higher when you look at the demands buyers put on you these days. They expect everything to be perfect.


Staging – According to Fixr $2,300 – $3,200
Landscaping – According to Thumbtack $3,00 – $20,000
Home Repairs and Maintenance Roof, electrical, plumbing = A lot of money
Real Estate Commissions (based on sale price of $350,0000) $21,000 – “Home seller pays the full commission” according to
Seller Concessions Typically 2% but as high as 9%


My head is spinning! How about you?

These days buyers even demand brand new stainless steel appliances as well as new carpet. Then when they come and look at your home they walk their dirty shoes right over that brand new carpet.  How annoying is that? 

Did we talk about inspections? 

The same person that walked on your brand new carpet then tells you that the carpet needs to be cleaned.  The nerve. This is so stressful, and so not fair, right? 

If you decide to sell us your property you will not be charged for any of these items.  You will get your house sold for free.

Free of costly repairs and upgrades. Free of all the hassle and headaches. Free of waiting months to get paid. 100% free of closing costs and commissions. Free, free and free. Did we say free yet?  

We want to buy your house.  We can buy your house now. We are ready.  

“Earlier you mentioned AS-IS…What does that mean?”

AS-IS means we will buy your house without asking you to do any repairs.  You will not have to fix the roof or windows. We will not ask you to clean the gutters or rehab the bathroom.  We will buy it just like it is today.

No repairs are necessary. No hassles. No costly rehab so you save time and money. If you choose to sell us your house it will be FREE.  

To drive the point home…

You won’t have to do any ‘fix-ups” or repairs. 

You won’t pay a single dime on commissions or fees. 

 You won’t pay any closing costs. 

It will be 100% FREE.


Contact us now so we can start the conversation.

Now this complete explanation shows you our simple, fast and easy way you can sell us your home.  We have nothing to hide and are 100% transparent.  

We insist you have all the information you need to get the best deal when selling. We have many free guides and links to information that will help you with the sale of your house.  We hope you use this free information to your benefit.

Like this amazing video on “Best Tips to Negotiate Better”.

Be sure to watch it before you contact us, right?  That way when you are negotiating the best cash price for selling your house you can negotiate like a pro. Take the guess work about making sure you get the best sale price. 

Remember we are 100% transparent and have no tricks. The cash offer we give you must work for you.  You are under no obligation to sell us your house. At every step of the way we will answer all of your questions. We look forward to having a chat. 

Here are some of the free benefits you get when sell your property to us.

Super Fast Process

We close the deal as soon as you want


Get Paid what you want

There are no hidden costs from us, no commissions, no repairs so you get money deposited direct to you, GUARANTEED.


You sell your property as is

You don’t have to paint, rehab, repair, or even clean! NO MUSS, NO FUSS!


Save Time and Stress

We use technology and local knowledge to get your house sold quickly and easily.  Let us deal with all of that.

It’s that Easy. No Catch, No Fine Print. It’s Hassle-Free.

Our vision is to help people solve real estate problems. In fact, it’s not just about helping, it’s about setting people free from all the worry and stress so they can move on to the next chapter of their lives. 

You get access to all of our local knowledge and technology so that you make the best decisions to get your house sold, on your terms.  We provide FREE access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you sell your house quickly. 


You sell your house, we’ll buy and pay in cash!

Tenant issues?

Is your rental property giving you headaches? 

Management fees ruining your cash-flow? 

We will buy your house as-is even if the renter is still there. 


Property Damage

Has your property become tired and worn out?

Has someone damaged it? 

It’s not uncommon at all.  Don’t you agree?

And fixing it?  That can be a huge cost. 

Let us take care of it for you.

We will buy it as is, whatever the condition!


Of course, this is one of the unfortunate reasons  people need sell their property quickly. If you can avoid foreclosure you should try. 

We have a lot of experience with the foreclosure process in Colorado and Indiana.  

We can show you options that may help you stop the foreclosure. You decide which one works best for you.

We can even show you Real Estate tips from the I.R.S on how to maximise your tax benefit.  Yip, you heard me right.  The I.R.S actually gives you tips on how to save for your future. 


Sell your House Fast for Cash. We are here to help.

We have compiled the best information on how to sell your house fast – and it’s all FREE!

This guide will walk you through your 3 options when you need to sell your house.

It will reveal the pros, cons, costs, and timeline associated with each option… and it’ll show you which options make sense in various situations.

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