Do you want 1000 bucks?

We buy houses and are always looking for a house that someone is wanting to sell. We are ready to buy a house today so what are you waiting for.

Watson Buys PRESENTS:

Cash for Houses Referral Program

If we buy a house that you found we pay you $1000 CASH!

Old or new, red or blue

Tall and wide, or burnt inside


It doen’t matter what condition the house is in.

It doesn’t matter how you found it.

Maybe a family member wants to get rid of a bad rental problem.

Or a friend is in financial difficulty and you overheard them saying “I need to sell my house fast”

Possibly you were dring around and saw a broken down tired uncared for house – get the address and we will do the rest.

 What is my house is worth? Because we buy houses we can work it out with you on the phone or email.


 Click below to answer the question

“What is my house worth?”


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