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Watson Buys Indianapois Inherited House

The photo is an Indianapolis Single Family House on the West Side of Downtown in Haughville: An inheritance bought by Watson Buys.

Just a mere minutes from the Indiana Pacers home court. It is also located conveniently close to the Indianapolis Speedway, home to the Indy 500 if you are a fan of Indy Car.

Alternatively if you love NASCAR the Indianapolis Speedway also hosts the Brickyard 400.

This is a house that a long time ago was inherited by some siblings. They had rented it out for a long time. However there were also very long periods of time when it sat empty.

To summarize: Watson Buys purchase the inherited house for a cash price of $11,000. After this they rehabbed the house nicely. They made the Haughville property safe and warm for the next people to move in and call home.

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We're determined to buy a house for cash. My only question is will it be yours?


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We're determined to buy a house for cash. My only question is will it be yours?