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Did you inherit a house and wonder what you should do?
Are you wondering if you should fix up the inheritance or sell it as-is?

It is a bittersweet moment to acquire an inheritance from a loved one who passed away. The bitter can be amplified if the inherited house sparks feud among the inheritors. Whatever reasons you have for wanting to sell your inherited house, you need to be prepared. The route you decide on could make for a long journey ahead.

You will face a number of decisions. Should you rent your inheritance? Should you renovate the inherited home? But, before you can officially decide all of the inheritors must agree with the decision to either rent or sell the inherited house. Either way, if you and the shared inheritors are ready, then it is time to roll up your sleeves. If you decide to sell it now you might need to add up value to the house by remodeling it.


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Do You Want to Sell Your Inherited House for a Great Price? Do You want to Want to Add Value to the Inheritance Before Selling?

Renovations add value to the inherited house, but it could break your bank. There are ways you could update the inheritance property without wreaking havoc to your wallet. First, the pandemic may have put your plans of selling your inherited house on hold. Make use of the time to spend some DIY projects to help lessen the renovation costs.

Remodeling and renovations add value to your inherited house. You can close a deal with it for a great price. But, to make it a hit in the market and list it at a great price, you have to plan wisely the upgrades you are about to make.

There are several ways you could update your inheritance property without wreaking havoc to your bank accounts. You only need to make simple remodeling. Focusing on narrow aspects of a renovation can help you renovate your house in sync. It is best to stay within a price range in remodeling and renovating your house.

Moreover, the pandemic might have put your plans of selling your house fast on hold. By that, you have the time to spend on DIY projects, which could help lessen the renovation costs.

You can make improvements by these three simple remodeling tips that you can do easily during the weekend.

 Don’t miss out on these 3 simple remodeling tips that can be easily performed over the weekend.

In a practical standpoint, you should not spend all your pocket on grandiose home improvements. Instead, modestly use these three easy remodeling tips.
De-cluttering and Deep Cleaning
As the saying goes, first impressions last. De-cluttering and deep cleaning your inherited home is the number one factor that could increase your home’s value. Did you know that it could add $2,000 to the home value of your inherited house? That’s quite a hefty amount, right? Especially when decluttering and deep cleaning does not cost you a dime.

Time is the essence of decluttering. You can do it for just one weekend. It will be faster if you declutter your house room by room. Doing so could help you limit yourself to 2 hours for each room. Pick up and store away your items. Keep the floor to ceiling dust-free and shiny, and remove smudge marks on windows and doors.

To be honest with you, deep cleaning and decluttering is the easiest and cheapest method in remodeling your home. You only have to move swiftly and efficiently to get things done in no time.

Create a decluttering schedule for the weekend to strictly finish the project. Prepare large trash bags, empty boxes, markers and notes for labeling, and timer to keep things on track.
Freshen Up Interior and Exterior Walls
An appealing look will capture your heart. It is common for inherited homes to have cracked or faded paints. You can paint the exterior ready to put a fresh coat of paint.

Repainting your home is one of the most cost-effective remodeling and preparation for the house. Newly painted rooms provide a clean and updated look. Stick to neutral colors when you choose your paint to make everything look appealing and consistent.

Freshen up your room with a neutral color scheme and finish the project within the weekend. Repainting your house will give you a 1 to 2% increase in property value. Thus, do not worry if your new walls are neutrally set.
Update Fixtures
It is common for inherited houses to have broken and outdated fixtures. If you want to add value to your house, it is best to replace the old fixtures with newer and more customized versions.

Updating the house fixtures is not all about the aesthetics of your inherited home. However, looks can be persuasive but equipping your house with functional and energy-efficient fixtures. You can brighten the rooms by removing outdated curtains and window smudges to attract natural light.

Outdated and boring house fixtures can discourage home buyers as they can take away the room’s style and vibe. Moreover, there’s nothing to worry about in this remodeling tip. However, it might drain your energy as you have to find and upgrade each house’s fixture. You only need a screwdriver for this remodeling project.
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House remodeling will take up time and money. Investing time and money could be one of the concerns you have; that’s why you want to sell your inherited house fast. Well, we would like to take off your worries on your shoulders as there is a company that best suits your needs.

If you do not have the time or money to remodel your inherited house, it is best to tap into our buy houses company. We buy houses companies specializes in handling every process of selling an inherited house fast. Watson Buys, a cash home buyer, is one of we buy houses company that you could run to when you do not have the time and money to market your inherited house.

You do not need to renovate nor clean your house if you want to sell it to Watson Buys. Whatever the condition of your house, they would still offer a fair cash price according to its market value. If you are more concerned about when you can close the deal, you would be more impressed by how fast Watson Buys can get the deal done.

They can even do it in one day. If you are planning to sell your house TODAY, then you might close the deal TODAY. You might think it is too good to be true, but if the title company approves the inherited house, the title will seal the deal. Moreover, you can have it for cash– they can guarantee to give it to you right away!

Thus, house remodeling is not for all. Do not limit yourself to the things most people do. Instead, venture to more possibilities, you might not know, you would get more profit from selling your house to we buy houses company!


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Isn’t this super transparent. We told you the after rehab value or ARV. We told you how much it would cost us to rehab it. Then we gave you an offer so you know exactly how much we will GROSS PROFIT


Gross profit in real estate is what we make after we buy the house reahab it and sell it. It is caluclated by:

Price we sold house for – rehab – price we bought hosue for = gross profit

For example

Sold hosue $100,000 – rehab $25,000 – house purchase $50,000 = $25,000.

$25,000 is the gross. Please remember we then have to take out employees wages. Their is cost that takes out insurance, gas, food all of that. Rent on our office. Plus this whole thing could have taken 6 months or more! You can see all of a sudden its not quite as much as people think.

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Did the other guys ask you what you need? Or did they just tell you what was wrong with your home?

Look, at the end of the day we do need to make a little profit too. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all win. The deal must be fair. When you call us and say “I need to sell my house fast” we are going to give you your options. Watson Buys will present several solutions  so you can get your home in Indianapolis sold.

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We Buy Houses for cash in Indianapolis.

People regularly call us wanting to sell their house fast and THE first question that they ask us is where “Where does Watson Buys buy houses?” Simply put, we most commonly buy homes in Denver and surrounding areas. We have bought in other parts of Indiana, like Marion County for example. So, if you have a rental in Littleflower or Irvington, house in Carmel, home in Broadripple or Riverside, Haughville, Speedway or south of Indianapolis like in Southport or Greenwood then Watson Buys can help can help. Like we previously mentioned we buy any house that you are needing or wanting to get sold.

Another question we get asked regularly is do we buy houses for cash in Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana? YEs we do. Watson Buys isn’t the best solution for everyone but we will let you know. We 100% do buy houses for cash in Indy. To really drive these last few thoughts home we buy any property, house, home condo apartment or bare land, regardless of the condition. Regardless of condition means that it doesn’t matter if it is an ugly house because we buy houses as is. Of course if the house is really ugly and it needs lots of cash spent on it to fix it up our cash offer will reflect that.

We have an office locations in Indianapolis on the west side. The office address i:

1437 King Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46222.

This is located on the west die very close to Long’s Bakery. Yum! This should show you how committed we are to Indianapolis and Indiana. We are local and we are 100% committed to giving you our best cash offer every time. So please if you or someone you know wants to sell a property because we are ready to buy right now.


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