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I need to sell my house fast! How do I do this?

You have lot’s of choices when selling your house. When looking for a home buyer where do you start? The team at Watson Buys wants to take you through the maze of options. Let’s talk it out.

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Want to get your house sold and move on to the next chapter?

Of course you do! That’s why you are here. (jump to the recorded version of this here)

But you have questions. You want to know your options.

You are doing research and that is S.M.A.R.T. – SMART!

What is “we buy ugly houses?” Did you ask this question yet?

Where do all those massive billboards come from?

So many people ask this question.

Simply put, companies that call themselves “We buy Houses” or “We buy Ugly Houses” do just that.

They buy houses.

You’ve seen the signs littered around your neighborhood right?

And stuck to posts like graffiti? Kinda UGLY if you ask me.

Watson Buys Houses DOES NOT LITTER in your neighborhood.

Yip – big ugly signs and advertising all over the neighborhood all saying the same old thing…

“We pay cash” and “Accept Our Cash Offer Now”.

They will put pressure on you using tricks like “Don’t Miss Out” and “Limited Time Cash Offer”.

Firstly, we do put our signs up anywhere. We use word of mouth – because we do a great job and people tell their friends and family.

Don’t be fooled by all the noise. Quite honestly we can offer you cash too. And note – they aren’t going to turn up with a briefcase full of money.

When they say they will “buy your house for cash” they are saying that they don’t have to use a bank loan to purchase your property.

This is good as it eliminates one potential reason for not closing. We will talk about that later.

Please be assured we can buy your house for cash too. We aren’t pushy like some companies.

But in their words we can close now. We will pay you cash and the cash offer we give you is what we will pay you when we you close”.

Cool? Yes? O.K…what’s next

Next came the I-Buyers – a hybrid version of those companies.

I-buyers are large multi-million and billion-dollar companies in Silicon Valley that use algorithms to give you offers.

It’s you against a robot. that does not sound particularly fair to me.

We're determined to buy a house for cash. My only question is will it be yours?


We are real people at Watson Buys. Not some faceless corporation run by robots.

We are big enough to get the job done right but small enough to still care.

Isn’t that right “Mr. Randy Robot?”

Let us be your choice.

We're determined to buy a house for cash. My only question is will it be yours?

Watson Buys buys houses differently.

We Buy Houses – of course.

We do it really quickly – or on your schedule. This is because we use technology. Just like the billion-dollar companies (but better because we are not robots). 

We do it hassle-free.

We are local so we understand the needs of all communities in Denver and Indianapolis.

We know how the cities work so we know how to get it done.

We are fair.

Because we are local and we understand the value of the real estate we are purchasing.

There is a pretty good chance we have bought something in your neighborhood recently.

We see the gentrification happening and see the value in your house.

We are free.

We pay for everything. No fees to you. No commissions to pay and we pay all the closing costs.

So there are actually three common ways to sell your house.

Hold on there…This is just another sales pitch! Sales pitch? No.
Information pitch – YES!

We will tell you all the benefits of using a real estate agent.

Next we will tell you all the benefits to selling your house yourself. 

Finally we will tell you all the benefits of using Watson Buys Houses or www.watsonbuys.com

You make the best decision because you get all the information, right here, 100% FREE

This article WILL show you the key differences between the most commonly used options. 

Of course we are going to highlight our positives.  That just makes sense right? Just like a first date we must put our best foot forward. 

Now these two are getting along really well for a first date!

So back to all the benefits you get if you choose Watson to buy your home. 

We can do it really quickly.

We will offer you a fair price because we have bought things in your neighborhood before.  We live locally so we understand the values. 

We are real people not robots – more on this later – we promise

100% FREE.

We wont charge you anything. In fact we will even pay for all the legal documents to be processed properly. 

Now, are these points important? 

Hell yeah, they are! 

They are important to you and they’re important to us. They are important for our family, friends and the greater community. 

Of course we are not the only option for you when selling your house.

As promised we are going to share with you two other ways people use to sell their homes. 

Real Estate Agent OR “For Sale By Owner” – FSBO

Yip,  we are going to tell you all the advantages that you will get if you use our competitor. 

Now, if you are reading this you want to know, 

“What is the best way for me to get my property sold?”

As we said, this article is going to highlight the benefits of 3 popular options. We are giving you this information right here for FREE. 

This is because we are transparent, fair and we want you to get the best deal. 

So, are you ready for some fun?

“Hmmm, well reading isn’t that much fun bud!” is what you probably just said.

If that’s the case we have recorded the rest of this article for you here. Sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the smooth sounds of an exotic New Zealand accent reading this to you. Kiwi – yes, but exotic? Hardly. 

Now we are having fun, right? 

Key lesson for selling your house

Price variation on real estate marketIf you learn nothing else, please learn this.

You must have a plan before deciding to sell your property. Maybe reading this is part of your plan and that’s great.

As simple as it sounds you must think about these questions:

A. What is the reason you are selling your house?

B. How fast do you want to get your house sold?

C. Am I ready to move?


Simple questions indeed, right?

But you would be amazed at the number of people that haven’t asked themselves these simple questions.

Our goal is to help guide you decide which option or “strategy” you should choose.

So now you’ve answered those, are you ready to move on?

We are too!

I’m sure you already know that selling your property in a conventional way like working with an agent usually takes time. In fact, according to Realtor.com 

selling your property in Colorado or Indianapolis takes at least 65 days.  However this can vary wildly and easily end up taking months more.  

Also, if you use an agent they will “list” the property for the highest price around.  

Is this the best strategy? 

A trusted source like “The Balance.com” will tell you doing this might just be the worst home selling mistake”

What about repairs, rehabs, fees, commissions, etc. 

Maybe the real estate agent is the right choice for you. 

Let’s work it out together. 

Do I have to work with a real estate agent?

The short answer is no. When you sell your house you do not need to use an agent. But maybe you want to.

It cannot be denied that working with a real estate agent is still one of the most popular ways to sell your house these days.

If you’re not in a rush to sell your house this strategy could be the one for you. However you need to remember that this option takes time. That is the first point.

The second point is you will be told you need to fix the place up on the inside and clean up the property and do landscaping on the outside. Your agent will make many suggestions on how to maximize the value of your house like granite countertops, new cupboards, paint, etc.

The agent is correct on one thing.  If you put brand new counters and cabinets in your kitchen the value of your house will go up. Also, as you have made it nice for the buyer, it may potentially sell faster.

However what agents sometimes forget to mention is that when you do a rehab you spend more than you get back in value. This is a well-documented fact. Nerdwallet.com reports that for every $100 spent, a home’s value only  increases by $83.

“Hold on a second, that makes no sense!” “If I spend $100 i should get back, like $150, not $83!”. “I just did all that work and spent all that money!” We agree with you 100%

So to use a real word example:


Lets say your house is worth $100,000.  You decide to put new cabinets in your kitchen to increase the value.  This takes 4 weeks as you have to choose the cabinets and order the cabinets. Find a trusted cabinet installer to install them and then clean up all the mess. This may cost you $8547.34.  After all this your house is now worth…


After doing all that shouldn’t the house be worth $120,000?


Did you know on average that slot machines, according to Wikipedia, payout 82% to 98%!

This means a slot machine is a better return than a rehab on your kitchen!

So, instead of doing a kitchen rehab…

Why not save the headaches

Get on a plane

Go to Vegas

and have some fun instead – and get a better return on your investment!

We took a vote around the office and we know what we would prefer.

Oh, and by the way, if you did take a trip – if you read on you will learn how you could have sold your house for cash without all that other pain in the neck stuff.


You just went all that through all that hassle, and stress, and mess and you lost $17… and that’s just the kitchen.

NerdWallet goes on to say the kitchen is “a much better return than you get from any other home projects including additions, bathroom upgrades and even replacing the roof.”

That means the returns on investment just get worse the further away from the kitchen you get. 

Talk to an agent ask them:

“Do you think I should fix up my kitchen?”

“Do you recommend I rehab my bathroom?”

Most likely their response will be:

“If you do a rehab the value will go up.” Guess what, so does their commission.

But remember, yes the value does go up, but not as much as you spend. It’s your hard money, not theirs that is being spent.

Just think about it.

So after you’ve introduced yourself to an agent they will come over to your house check it out and come up with “market value.”  There is no secret to what “Fair Market Value” is. It’s very simple.

Market value is what someone is willing to pay for your house. No secret sauce there.

Next, the agent will present to you a contract, called a listing agreement. This gives the agent the exclusive right to sell your home. typically the contract is for either 6 or 12 months.

Ever wonder what happens if they are not doing a good job? You guessed it, nothing, because you signed a contract.

When the agent does get the property sold, he/she will then work on the paperwork. Of course, this is where the agent collects their commission and fees. Normally, 6% of the total sales will be given to the agent.

Two more advantages agents will tell you about is their knowledge of the market as well as their access to the MLS. Working with someone that has intimate knowledge of the neighborhood is very important. We can’t argue with that.

What about the MLS?

Well the MLS, or Multiple listing service, is a website that agents list for sale properties on. Have they heard of Zillow or Redfin?

These days I’m not sure the MLS is an advantage worth mentioning. Not when Zillow is free.

What do you think?

The benefits of using an agent

As discussed above agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Do you think that is a huge advantage?

Also a real estate agent is your friend, professional and guide. They should understand the market well. They should be experts in this field.

Finally when using an agent they will do the marketing and showings for you.  Also the agent will deal with all the paperwork and legal documents. 

Negatives of using a Real Estate Agent

Working with an agent can be very inconvenient and time consuming.  And using an agent is certainly not free.

Did anyway say $18,900?

Yip,  that’s the average agent’s commission in 2019 – but more on that shortly.

First let’s talk about other costs you are responsible for during the selling process. These are forgotten costs. These costs as they say  will “nickel and dime you to death”

Ongoing maintenance of the house, mortgage payments, property taxes, mortgage interest and insurance payments are some of the items that add up very quickly. 

The longer it takes to sell the more money you spend. There goes more of your hard earned money again – up in flames!

We also know from previous research that rehab and repairs required can be $41,000 or more!

Who has $41,000 to spend on a house that you are just going to sell anyway?

Now back to the $18,900 we mentioned earlier.

As we all know, agents get paid through commission. We know that the average sales price for a house in 2019 was $315,000. 

Therefore we know that an agent would be paid $18,900 for putting your house on the MLS and selling it. 

That’s right – just like that another huge cost of $20,000.

What does it take for an agent to sell your house?

For an agent to get a buyer they will have to bring many people through your house.  They will bring them when they want per the listing agreement you signed with them.

The agent will insist the house be immaculate. The will tell you to declutter and stage your house. 

Then buyers will walk through your house with their muddy shoes potentially ruining the brand new carpet you just put in.

You will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

How on earth is that any fun?

Where do you live during all of this?

 If someone finally decides they like your house they will submit their offer.  This doesn’t mean the deal is done though. After accepting the offer the buyer still has many opportunities to back out.

Maybe the financing from the bank fell through.  Maybe they decide they like another house. Maybe they decide your house has too many things to fix.

Of course, it leads to more and more delays. Possibly you will have to go through the whole process again of finding another buyer.

Which brings us to the closing date and who gets to choose it.

 Clearly you have zero control over when the house is going to be sold. Because of all the different moving pieces the closing date is totally up in the air. 

When you use an agent who knows when you will close.  It 100% comes down to when the buyer decides to close.  They are in control. You are not. They close when they want to close.

Is picking the closing date important?

To some people it definitely is! There are many situations that require the property to be sold on or before a particular date.

If you let us purchase your house you know EXACTLY when you will close.


When will the buyer be ready to close on my house?

Just think about it…Isn’t it better and easier to plan

if you know exactly the date the buyer can close?

Look, obviously there are a lot of cons working with an agent but sometimes it is the correct choice.

At WatsonBuys.com we think you have better choices. We are giving you the information so you can make the best choice for you.

We don’t think the process we just described (using an agent) is fair considering all the hassles, time and costs involved.

And we really didn’t talk about the inspection.  That can be an expensive nightmare!

If you are one of those people who are willing to wait for months to sell their property and has the budget for repairs, agent fees and is looking for a full market value transaction then using an agent is definitely for you!

Should I sell my house myself? This called “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO

If you are confident about your marketing skills and local knowledge then this could be the perfect strategy for you.

We have seen a lot more owners using the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) strategy and selling their properties by themselves.

Realtor.com explains that FSBO, or Fizbo as they say, is when “the homeowners haven’t retained a real estate agent to help them sell their house.”

These days homeowners can easily learn how to sell a house. There are many resources to help you navigate the intricacies of the process. In fact in both Colorado and Indiana you can get the forms the realtors use straight from the internet, for FREE. Local government agencies typically provide them for you.

Now what do you think about that? Pretty neat, right. Happy you kept reading or listening.


VERY IMPORTANT NB: Please remember that details are very important when selling something as valuable as your house.

Shall we continue?
Now you have the documents you need to choose a website to sell your house.

One popular site is Craigslist.

Another great option is forsalebyowner.com

Now you are in control.

You decide the market value of your property. Your local knowledge and knowing what your property is worth is key here.  Because this is your home, and your neighborhood,  I think we can assume you are up to speed on the local details.

Local knowledge is definitely very important when selling in Indianapolis or Denver.  As we all know these two amazing cities are changing rapidly.  It feels like just yesterday that “Fountain Square” was nothing. Now we have, for better or worse, hit tv shows filming there.

Five points in Denver? These days multi-million dollar condo projects are being built. 

As you know areas that were once run down are now gentrifying rapidly. Beautiful remodels and brand new construction are being finished every day.

Changes in neighborhoods mean changes in property value. If you don’t know the value of your house some websites do their best to work it out for you. Zillow.com, Redfin or Trulia are just a few of them.

However, to ensure you get an accurate home valuation many people suggest paying a local agent or an appraiser.


Whose money are we spending again?

Once you know what your property is worth you will list your house on a FSBO website.

You will need to take a lot of pictures.  Pictures tell 1000 words right. Pictures sell properties.

Second, gather all the details of the house.  The age of the roof, the age of the furnace, the square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, city restrictions, HOA covenants and rules etc.

Once you have listed it you can go one step further and put a for sale sign and your yard to let people know that you’re selling your house.

The next step is marketing. Since you’re selling your house yourself you need to come up with a great marketing strategy.

You can list your property in the local newspaper as well as online.  Or you could even reach out on Facebook telling all your family and friends to refer somebody. Maybe you could even offer them a referral fee.

After marketing the property comes the hard part. You have to schedule the showings, handle the offers and then all the paperwork for the closing.

To do this you could hire a lawyer to represent you, but this ain’t cheap!

 Once you accept an offer, the agent that is representing the person buying your house, will then have inspections performed. The inspections will highlight all the things you need to fix.

After you make the necessary repairs that the buyer wants. Then you can go to closing.  After signing all the documents you’re done!



You just completed a “FOR SALE BY OWNER”.



You get to decide everything. The house value, marketing strategy, the whole process to be exact.

Another huge benefit is that you can save a lot of money.  This is because you don’t pay your agent any.



Compared to working with an agent, selling your house comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s the flip side to getting to make all the decisions.

1. Agent commissions: Even though you don’t have an agent yourself if you want a “buyers” agent to bring potential buyers to your house you have to give them 3% of the sale price.

On average that is roughly $10,000!

2. You have to research and value your property

3. You need to market your property

4. You need to arrange the showings

5. You need to do all the paperwork

6. Once again the closing date is up in the air.  Just like when you use an agent you don’t get to choose the closing date.  It 100% comes down to when the buyer can close.

When you are not experienced enough to do all these things it can be very hard. It could cost more time and money than if you just worked with a real estate agent.

The unknown time it will take to sell using the FSBO strategy could be a real problem.

“Do you need to get your house sold fast?”

If real estate agents can take 3 to 12 months to sell a property how long will it take you?

That said maybe by using your network of family and friends you could find a buyer relatively quickly. Maybe sharing this article on facebook will highlight to your friends what you are trying to do.

“For Sale By Owner” is undoubtedly for people who are comfortable with negotiations, paperwork, planning, and research.

But if you’re looking to sell your property fast, for cash, then consider another course of action.



At the beginning you might remember that I talked about companies that go by “We Buy Houses”, “We Buy Ugly Houses” and “i-Buyer”.

Well, Watson Buys Houses is the best of both of all 3.  We combine all the good stuff and leave out all the bad and create one awesome service for you.

The advantages of us buying your house includes:


Our local knowledge.

We have intimate knowledge of the city, suburbs, and the areas of
gentrification. This means we know the real value of your property.


Our local knowledge means that we quickly generate a cash offer because we understand how values change from street to street. This cash offer we present to you is 100% guaranteed. It is paid directly to you on the day you choose to close.  None of those annoying bank fees.

Another advantage is if you do choose to accept our offer we will deposit your money directly into your account, 100% guaranteed funds. And the cash offer, you agree on, is the cash you get in your account.


Advantages of selling to us?

Our technology enables us to work extremely quickly. Plus our process is streamlined.  

We can buy your house much faster than the average time an agent takes. We can even purchase your property faster than the billion-dollar companies like Opendoor and Zillow. 

Our process is fair.

We tell you our best offer and you decide if it works for you. There is no obligation.

We will buy your home as-is. No repairs, no rehab, no painting, no cleaning. no hassle.

We pay for everything.

That’s right it’s 100% free for you. We don’t charge you any fees, commissions and we pay for all the closing costs.

Speaking of the closing, another fantastic benefit is you pick the closing date. Yip, that’s right, we can close on the property when you want us to.

We try really hard to make it work for everybody involved.  I hope you are beginning to understand.



Lets slow down for a second.  Take a breath.  Pause…

Whenever you are making a big decision, like selling your house, it is really important to do research.

Congratulations! Reading this article is research.

Clearly you understand the value of research because that’s what you are doing right now.

It is very important that you research any company you choose to use. I would highly suggest you look around our website.  See who we are.

You will see we re not the same as “We buy Houses” All there websites look the same.

We have taken time, and care, to provide a place where you can take your time and learn.

Please, feel free to move around our website, learn all about us, reach out to us by phone or email and we can chat.

Even better yet – Share it on facebook with your family and friends

Ask everybody about us. Get them to check us out for you.  You can never be too sure.

If you do call and we dont answer, We are extremely sorry.  It’s just that sometimes we are on the other line. We will have to call you back,  we promise.

Throughout the entire process, we will teach you everything you want to know about how we work, who we are and even why we do it.

Honestly, our process can work for any homeowner. However a lot of people that do call us are particularly focused on selling fast.

Unfortunately people need to sell their house fast because they are experiencing problems such as:



late payments

job relocation

Other people need to sell because they have bad tenants or renters.  Renters who never pay their rent on time. Tenants who put holes in the walls of your investment property.

Maybe you have a house that was left to you and you don’t know what to do with it. We can help there too. If you are across the country we could even go take a video of it for you.

For around $30.00 a month we can even arrange a security system for you so it doesn’t get broken into.

These are all very stressful situations, and can be downright unpleasant indeed.

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced them in some form or another. Sometimes when you find yourself in these situations it’s not even your fault.

During this time, our mission is to provide you with the best information and service, so you can make the best out of an unfortunate situation.


Pros to selling to Watson buys houses.

We can buy your house now.  This eliminates all the hassle, stress, and ongoing costs like mortgage payments, mortgage interest and home insurance.

We can close on the deal done really quickly. Your house can be sold in less than a week.

You choose the closing date. How awesome is that – you pick the closing date.


No commissions to worry about commissions because we buy directly from you. We cut out the  middleman for you!

Closing costs? We pay for those too!

Like I keep saying…


That is how we will buy your house from you.

Full disclosure:

I will point out that we can’t pay the full market value for your property. But this doesn’t mean that you will not get a fair deal.

Remember what you learned earlier.

The average commission is over $18,000 and even minimal property repairs can easily add to $41,000!

Don’t forget that for every $100 you spend in repairs your house sale price only goes up $83.

So let’s do a real-life example:

Watson Buys Houses gives you an offer of $260,000

Your agent lists your home for $320,000.

How does this work out for you?

Let’s do the math:

Agent list price = $320,000 (sale price) minus

commissions, closing costs @ 2% (industry normal), rehab and repairs

adds up to $65,400 ( we know this from the research)

plus all the stress, hassle, inconvenience and time (it is a lot)

You get $254,600

That’s less than our offer.

Watson Buys Houses offered you $260,000

With you get more money in the bank account

You eliminate stress, headaches, hassles and repair

You would have way more time

You decide when you want to close.

So even though we offered you less than the “List” price working with WatsonBuys.com was so much easier, and you get more cash!

Please take a minute to check our calculations. We did and it works out every time.

Watson Buys Houses makes selling your house easy.

Again, in this scenario you sold your house a lower “list” price but you got paid more cash.

Isn’t this  a huge benefit?

Come on people you make more money!

When we buy your house we make it so convenient for you because:

We do everything for you.

We pay for everything, for you.

We close when you want to close.

All I ask is you just take the time to think about it.


Like every option even we have a few negatives and we are going to point them out.

It is scary choosing us as you have real estate agents telling you they are the best choice for you. They will be telling you they will get you the best price.

Remember the real life scenario we went through together?

Make sure you do the math and research when someone tells you they will get you the best price.

We won’t tell you that. We will tell you we will negotiate with you for a fair price.  We will show you how we came up with that price. It will be a no obligation offer.

You get to choose if you want to take it

You are in control

You get to walk away if it is not a good deal

It must ba WIN WIN situation

Sometimes we are the best option and sometimes people choose to go other routes. We highly recommend you do your research so you pick the best option for you.

Ask questions, and lots of them:

Ask your local real estate agents if you should remodel your kitchen.

Ask us how much it you cost you when you sell us your house.

Ask an agent what they charge you to sell your house.

Ask your family, friends and trusted members of your community to help you review your choices.  Share this article with them so they know where you are coming from.


Where is Watson Buys Houses coming from?


What I can say is for us to stay in business we 100% have to do what YOU need us to do. When you say “I need you to buy your house fast”, we will buy your house very quickly.

When you say “ Please give me a fair cash offer” we will work with you to get the best offer we can afford.

When you say “I think my house is worth more” we will came take a look so you can show us why.  We can because we live right around the corner on Sheridan or Rural.

And we won’t charge you a dime.

What’s wrong with that?


In Conclusion:

I sincerely hope this article is being helpful. I really hope you have learned something by reading this.

Please share this website with trusted friends and family members and your community leaders.

Share it now via the Facebook link with your friends so they can review it for you too. They can be your back up.

We are professional home buyers. This is our job. This is how we feed our families.  As we are professionals we believe, in fact we know, we will work 100%, to make sure the deal works for you.

We are local, we have probably seen you at the store on the Near West Side or Lakewood.

We understand the community and we understand what it means to live in both the Mile High and Circle Cities.

Remember, selling your house is a really big decision. It’s huge in fact.

Make sure you know why you are selling your house and what you want the outcome to be.

Please be sure to check out other websites to like Realtor.com

Yes, we just gave you the website to one of our competitors. We did this because we want to give you options.

Like we said earlier, we want you to be able to access all the information.

Besides, we believe that once you have looked at their information you will see that we are a great choice. You will see that we are giving you the facts.

You will know that we are transparent and open about who we are.

To sum it up, each homeowner has their reason why they’re selling their property. Depending on that reason you must decide which is the right strategy for you.

If you have a vacant property and are not in a hurry to sell it then you may consider using the FSBO strategy first.

On the other hand you may decide on the more traditional route of signing a contract with a real estate agent.

Finally, if you decide to use Watson Buys Houses, we will work FOR YOU until we come up with a deal that you agree on.

You will be in control 100% of the time. You get to negotiate the price that works for you. You get to tell us the day you want to sell your house.


On top of all that we pay for it all. 

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! (don’t you love those commercials).


We will also put YOUR MONEY 100% guaranteed cash directly into your bank account.

It is that simple.

Regardless of the situation, we will get your house sold. We have experience working with:


Late bank payments

Inherited Properties


Bad Tenants

Job relocation


 when you just want a change. 


If your situation is not listed above, I am 100% sure we can help you too.

We are not a billion-dollar company like Opendoor or Zillow. We don’t pay for 1000’s of reviews.

We are local. We are honest. We are not Robots.

What we are is a steadily growing local group of people building ourselves as a reputable company.

We care about our communities and re-invest in them.

Our mission at Watson Buys Houses is to make sure the process of selling your house is made simple.

When we buy your property we will work hard so that you don’t have too.

Always remember, it’s never easy selling a property. There are many things that you need to consider.

Please reach out to us and we can have a chat. Don’t worry about the rest, we’ll handle it for you!

Thank you so much for your time.

Please share this with your family and friends.



The Team @ W.B.H.

1. Real Estate Agent

2. Selling it yourself (FSBO)

3. The third, and easiest of course in our minds, is having someone like us buy it.

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